What are your top 5 bands and why?

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    • Lug 20 2007, 21:07

    What are your top 5 bands and why?

    It's hard for me to think of five bands that are my five favorite. What are your top five; do you even have a definite top 5?

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    • Lug 28 2007, 21:34
    1 MUSE, simply because they're the best band on earth.

    2 Pink Floyd. Their music is fine for dozing.

    3 Radiohead for being a genius and diversified band..

    4 Placebo because of their singer's great voice.

    5 Linkin Park due to their great show at Rock am Ring this year.

  • 1 Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    2 A Silver Mt Zion
    3 Modest Mouse
    4 Pink Floyd
    5 Sigur Ros

    I know Dave's been dying for that.
    the upper 50% of my musical tastes all involve solo artists, DJs, and assorted electronic and Trance musicians that are far from bands.

    I've got nothing to say; but our voice shook hands the other day
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    • Ago 31 2007, 11:59
    INCUBUS - Brandon Boyd is damn hot and their music is gorgeous...
    PLACEBO -a very sick band...:D
    Taproot- I like this music.. It's not too emo
    grossstadtgeflüster- very nice german electro band...
    Arctic monkeys- because I like the british accent and the singers hot voice xD

    Romeo hat sich verpisst , Julia steht mit leeren Händen und mit einem schelcheten Gewissen da. Und was haben wir daraus gelernt? nichts? Quark... Immer ehrlich sein! x)

    >Dancin' like a Robot from 1984<
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    • Set 6 2007, 16:07
    Stubbed said:
    PLACEBO -a very sick band...:D
    Taproot- I like this music.. It's not too emo

    You're nuts ^^

  • 1. Tool

    Still have to work out for the other 4 ;) Cause I surely won't put here Nightwish or SoaD.. I got few bands I have to know closer, like Nine Inch Nails, King Crimson, Muse, Deftones.
    I know Pink Floyd andI like them, but they dont give me that unbelievable amount of excitement Tool does.

    Spiral out..keep going.
  • in no particular order
    Mew - just something about that voice
    Muse - just brilliant
    Radiohead - again brilliant
    Devendra Banhart - it makes sense to me!
    Tool - gotta agree with everyone else here. great music and great shows

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