Gainsbourg 2008 @ Musee de la Musique, Paris

  • Gainsbourg 2008 @ Musee de la Musique, Paris

    Just wondering whether or not any of the faithful Gainsbourg fans out there have had the chance to visit this exhibition yet. I was in Paris last week and got along and have to say on the whole, I was pretty disappointed. While it was great to see so much Serge memorabilia curated in one show, the rest of the exhibition didn't really do it for me. The archive film footage looked great but the screens were all over the place and the sound turned down so low as to be inaudible at times. Although I know a big chunk of his oeuvre and can pretty much work out the sentiments within, I'm not a fluent French speaker and the lack of an English translation for the (vast swathes of) text on display irked a little. Granted, this show isn't on the tourist trail and I'm sure will be attended in the main by French speakers but, come on, give a poor lad whose O level French is a good 15 years behind him a bit of help!
    Gripes aside, knowing what I know now, I would still recommend going to see Gainsbourg 2008 as for me, it was still nice to make some connection with the man and his music in the city it was created.
    I would be interested to hear what anyone else thought.
    Au revoir,

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