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Data creazione: 30 Nov 2008
This is a SCREW group for Fans, all those interesed in or whatever else!!!


SCREW are:

鋲 - Byou (Vocal) Blog
和己 - Kazuki (Guitar) Blog
マナブ - Manabu (Guitar) Blog
ゆうと - Yuuto (Bass) Blog
ジン - Jin (Drums) Blog

SCREW is a Visual Kei band, which was founded in March 2006. They are known for their hard music and their interesting, aggressive stage shows, but the songs include also beautiful melodies. They try to bring on the best way this interplay on the stage. What has been well managed.

All member had experience to be in a band. Singer Byou was with bassist Yuuto together a member of Joker, Yuuto was also previously briefly activ with gossip. Guitarist Kazuki acted as a member of the band Clover and drummer Jin participated in with Living Dead.

Their first mini-album Nanairo no Reienka get out in July 2006 and was limited to 2,000 copies. Initially they played Secret Lives. Their first Oneman they gave on April 23 in the Takadanobaba AREA. Several concerts were held and three maxi-singles were in the course of the year.

2007 was beginning with further concerts and in March they released their first proper album with the title Fusion of the core including core promo tour. Shortly thereafter SCREW signed the label PSC in the Indie division. With the change was Manabu, who initially support guitarist in SCREW, become an official band member. With the new member they released two mini-albums and in december SCREW performed in frame of J-ROCK INVASION, including other PSC bands, their first oversea show, in germany.

The new year should start with a couple of lives and a small tour, but there was some trouble and the plans must be shunted to a later time. After finished a small tour, SCREW released a new maxi-single RAGING BLOOD. Over the year they performed a lot, promoted themself and released two more maxi-singles. Also they were more published in magazines.

Directly in the new year was be a big show of the bands who are under contract with PSCompany, at Nippon Budukan. After this SCREW have made a short one-man tour SCREW WINTER TOUR2009 DOUBLE SUICIDE IN FIVE CITIES in January and another one-man stage The Third Anniversary-心火への覚醒-』EBISU LIQUID ROOM on April 26th. And now, they are about to release a new full album X-RAYS on September 16th. This up coming releasing album has much more improved than their last mini album RACIAL MIXTURE, released in april.
By the beginning of october, SCREW will starts their ONEMAN TOUR TOUR09 X-RAYS OF SCREW through Japan on 10 stages in 9 cities. Also on October 17th 2009, SCREW will perform on the biggest Japanese cultural event in Europe Tsukicon in Finland as a main live artist for the show. This proves that the band has a great number of fans in overseas.

Unfortunately SCREW announced that Yuuto will leave the Band. The Last Live as the current line up will be held on 2009-12-31.

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