favorite songs?

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    • Mag 28 2006, 18:08

    favorite songs?

    well... we finally have a few members here now, so i figured it'd about time to get the forum rolling, haha.

    anyway -- what's everyone's favorite サンボマスター songs? it's pretty difficult to choose in my opinion, probably because i love this band so damn much :'D

    but, if i had to... it'd probably be something like:

    夜汽車でやってきたアイツ (Yogisha De Yatteki Ya Aitsu)
    ゲットバックサンボマスター (Get Back Sambomaster)
    これで自由になったのだ (Kore De Jiyuu Ni Natta No Da)
    ふたり (Futari)
    離れない二人 (Hanare Nai Futari)
    残像 (Zanzou)
    美しき人間の日々 (Utsukushiki Ningen No Hibi)
    歌声よおこれ (Utagoe Yoo Kore)

    i could go on for hours and hours with this, but i won't bother. anyway -- what's everyone elses favorite songs?

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    • Giu 24 2006, 16:35
    I'm too lazy to bust out my Japanese IME for word so I won't write them in kana/kanji.

    Getto Bakku Sanbomasuta (Get Back Sambomaster)
    Sekai wa Sore wo Ai to Yobundaze
    Utagoe Yoo Kore
    Kimi no Koe wa Boku no Koi Boku no Mei wa Kimi no Yoru

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    • Lug 29 2006, 20:04

    はじめまして(Nice to meet you.)



    In their tunes, squeezing to some by liking all is very difficult stories. However, if it narrows there by force, it becomes the following.

    Utagoe yo Okore
    Muffler no Yureru Ma ni
    Boku to Kimi no Subete ha Atarashiki Utade Utae
    Futari Bocchi no Sekai

    It is very difficult to choose because their tunes are the famous piece of
    music suits.

  • Kore De Jiyuu Ni Natta No Da. At the moment ;P

  • 世界はそれを愛と呼ぶんだぜ, too many times heard. Can't get it off my head (too much Ouendan for Kirby X__X)

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    • Set 27 2007, 16:23
    My favs are Utsukushiki Ningen no Hibi and Seishun Kyosokyoku.

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    • Ott 31 2007, 22:24
    I'm much into Wa kimi ni katari kakeru, that's must be the best album I've heard in my life. And yeah, of course there's other songs that are amazing (sono nukumuri ni you ga aru, futatsu no namida, etc....)
    But yeah wa kimi ni katari kakeru is my favourite album.
    But hey a new single is on it's way.... I've just heard the sample on their site and it's sounds ok~~.....we'll see how it is. . .

    just a reminder for the fans, the new single ''Hikari no Rock '' is sold in three different price-edition, there's a limited edition, check it out.

  • Yoru ga Aketara it's my favorite

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