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This group is open to all who have fallen in love with Rebecca's music. It is a place to share thoughts as we watch Rebecca's music career head for the top.

Introducing Rebecca Rudolf

With the launch of her introductory CD, Rebecca Rudolf made her entrance into the world of pop/rock. For most of her life, Rebecca has been singing, dancing, and acting on stage. Now, Rebecca gives us a glimpse of the music that, until recently, has been forever playing in her mind. With the goal of creating music with a strong message, Rebecca’s songs have an edgy, pop/rock sound combined with lyrics that speak of hope. Her words direct our attention to God, while delighting us with catchy melodies that hook you in right from the start. Hailing from the Philadelphia area, Rebecca has a strong devotion to God. Her music has depth that she hopes will inspire people, young and old, to search for “Something More” in their lives. So stay tuned, there is much more to come from this talented young artist.

Rebecca Rudolf's amazing New Video "Unconditional Love"!

Find out what Rebecca is currently up to by clicking one of the links below:

Rebecca's Official Home Page

Where to download Rebecca's music:

CD Baby

Rebecca Rudolf

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