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Rebecca & Fiona


A common interest in great music brought these two electric souls together.
Rebecca Scheja and Fiona FitzPatrick not only rule the Stockholm club scene
– they scream, with nominations and awards in 2009 for DJs of the year and
Best Club Hosts, a devout army of followers, and one of Sweden’s most
popular blogs. And now they are spreading their effervescent wings to the
great dance venues of Scandinavia.

Both girls were born to be musical artists. Rebecca’s father, Staffan, is
one of Sweden’s foremost classical pianists and Fiona’s dad, Greg, the king
of of Swedish 80′s synthpop. And both are over-achievers in whatever they
engage in. Fiona was a gold-medalist in rock climbing 2005 and Vice-Chairman
of the Swedish National Student Bodies, while Rebecca has been playing
significant roles in Swedish feature films since the age of eight!

Their unique mix of hardcore club stomp and electronic pop beats will mesmerize even the most skeptical misogynist.

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