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Junkies unite!

LSD, Ecstasy, Marijuana, shrooms, etc.

Users unite!

LSD, Ecstasy, Marijuana, shrooms, whatever. Psychedelic drugs in general.
You don't necessarily have to do any of these things to join, it's just the topic.

A fantastic site for information on drugs is:
And of course, the wikipedia page:

Group is open to anyone who's listened to at least 20 songs (To prevent people who don't participate on from joining).

Feel free to post about your experiences in the forums, ask questions, bad trip stories, good trip stories, what you do when you're tripping, or anything else. The forums are set to private (only members can browse and post) to protect privacy.

Also feel free to invite anyone, and stuff. We need more members damnit! At least 15 so we get the charts.

If anyone doesn't like something about how the groups run, you can PM me about and I'll consider changing it.


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