Piebald Whatdya Think!

  • Piebald Whatdya Think!

    Hey all, thanks for joining the Piebald group. If you are someone seeing this and are currently not part of the group, you can join and talk to me if you have never heard of them and would like to get some music or something. Peace and chicken grease.

  • Piebald rocks my socks to the point of wearing holes into the toe. Using them as jizz socks doesn't help out any.

  • Jizz Socks Indeed

    Yeah they're pretty much the best band ever invented. They rock my (jizz) socks off too. But that revolution won't be televised until a later date. Out.

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    • Mar 10 2005, 20:03
    I found piebald about a year ago, and just fucking loved it! With about 3 songs i already became a fan! but obly this year i finallly got to listen some of their cds. 3 cds, but man, it´s just fantastic! One of the first groups i joined here! Always good to know that some people really knows what to like, hehehe. Well, that´s it! If there´s any bizarre gramatical mistake, i´m sorry. I´m from brazil and i dont speak english that much. see ya!

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