So what do YOU do with perl?

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    • Ago 12 2006, 9:23

    So what do YOU do with perl?

    Mostly just irssi scripting. :o

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    • Ago 15 2006, 16:20


    Yeah, this group is moving forward!

    I'm doing mostly (MySQL-)server backends with Perl, most with a web interface. Oh, and I prefer Perl to PHP for websites. =)

  • I use it for mathematical biology... I really should be using something else.

  • _everything_

    because I like it :D

  • hacking gibsons lol

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    • Ott 11 2006, 22:11
    locate /local/{cdr,dvdr,music/{flac,mp3}}/\*.{mp3,flac} | perl -n -le 'chomp; push @r, $_ if -f; END { print "[playlist]\nNumberOfEntries=".@r; print "File".++$c."=$_" for sort @r} ' > Playlists/Current.pls

    perl -e 'print "Just another Perl ${\(trickster and hacker)},";'

    The Sidhekin *proves* that Sidhe did it!
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    • Ott 11 2006, 22:22
    it's currently toasting my bread and i'm working on getting it to make me smoothies.

    not really, but i do just about anything with it. it runs most of my system (ie cronjobs, bots, gnome applets and addons, etc.)

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    • Gen 21 2007, 14:23
    I use Perl for small programs, websites and irssi of course. ;>

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    • Gen 27 2007, 21:08

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  • i use it for engineering operations, and especially mathematics.

    In a world without walls, who needs windows?
    • takbud ha detto...
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    • Feb 18 2008, 4:22
    Irssi scripting, and some shell stuff. i like to tinker :)
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    • Lug 2 2008, 19:19
    I'm new to Perl, I'm working with xml files...maybe I'll try in websites (I come from php)

  • I use perl for absolutely everything, from small everyday scripts to complex web platforms.

    My company uses perl as programming language with Catalyst as framework, it's just wonderful, I totally recommend it to people who wants to do web development using the allmighty perl.

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  • all kinds of random crap. perl > *

    • niroze ha detto...
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    • Dic 20 2008, 21:06
    Code for a living with it.

  • ices0 -S perl -M

    • Shinobi ha detto...
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    • Feb 17 2009, 17:43
    earn my wage.

    and having fun coding at the same time!

    • Gredunza ha detto...
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    • Apr 25 2009, 16:56
    A better question is... What don't we do with Perl?

  • It's like shell on speed.

  • can someone help me with writing a script in Perl for tagging and automatic adding artists to my music library?

    Kitties! I found a user who has 100.000 artists in his music library and he told me he had done it with a help of some script written in Perl. Can someone help me to do the same??? Please!

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