funny things you wrote in your homework whilst listening to music.

  • funny things you wrote in your homework whilst listening to music.

    just as the title says. have you ever wrote the lyrics of the song you were listening to in your homework or essay? :) or have you just written something really ridiculous?

    it sure happens to me a lot, want to know if i'm not the only one ^^

  • I think I recall writing something along the lines of
    "Karen will have to make 3 trips in order to you don't have to go baby please don't go"

    Atari! With me! Baby! Come on! We can do it while I'm playing Atari!
    Atari! Baby! With me! Shut up! Can't you see I'm playing Atari?
  • i was doing my cold war essay, and because i listen to a lot of wishful (r.i.p) i remember putting it in when talking about the state in when talking about russia.
    'during this dismal time in cold war russia, it was havoc, cry havoc, dont hurt her, its murder.' lol. dont even know how i came to that

  • Um one time I think i ripped my english reader scream writing the lyrics to artist in the ambulance (thrice) instead of annotating....

    "Am I the Star beneath the Stairs, am I the ghost upon the stage, am I your anything?"
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    • Gen 18 2007, 8:26
    Yeah that happened to me every now and then, though I always noticed I think. x3

    Worse is when that happens to you during school cause you're listening to your mp3 player, not concentrating on school. (=

    Gosh I'm glad I am out of school. *laughs*

    But yeh...I love letting my thoughts drift away, thus it happens to me every now and then that I write a line of a song even while writing posts here, for example. xD

    • Marijkok ha detto...
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    • Gen 21 2007, 18:46
    haha i sometimes write things in school in tests for example, when teachers say something...
    i mean,
    i once had a test Latin, and i had to translate a text, and when our time was over, the teacher said finish you last sentence, so i wrote down "finish" instead of the real word..
    i always do things like that...

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    • Nov 10 2007, 19:06
    I like to doodle the cover art of the album in the back of the excersise book if the albums next to me...

    and i once wrote 2+2=5 in big letters on my maths book (on purpose(what a geek)), but i scribbled it out :)

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    • Lug 26 2008, 14:27
    i write the lyrics EVERYWHERE!
    on the cover, beside the frame and even on extra sheets :D

  • Of course, the lyrics! I've also written the artist's first name (Dolores) instead of mine. I realized before turning it in though. Phew!
    Also, I try to fit the phrase 'No Need To Argue' in every essay or poem I do for language arts...

  • yeeess, i always wrote the lyrics in the test, when i was on the school.. if i have a paper and im listening music, i will always write the lyrics on it :P

    • gusia915 ha detto...
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    • Ago 8 2008, 19:46
    I wrote 'Good shoes won't save you this time' in my letter to a friend for english classes instead of 'Looking forward to hearing from you'. my teacher has been looking at me with astonishment in her eyes... :P

    I like when we are...
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    • Ago 14 2008, 4:29
    If I'm writing an essay or just doing homework in general, I tend to write recommendations for my teacher in the top corner of the page.

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    • Set 18 2008, 23:26
    I was writing an AP US History essay while listening to the Flaming Lips, and this came out: "While John Smith may be more popular, John Rolfe has a blackbelt in karate."

  • I don't usually write the lyrics of the song I'm listening to in my homework, but when I focus on my music more than writing I have a tenancy to greatly misspell things, and not just by only one letter. I was writting an essay about the book 'Things Fall Apart" once, and instead of 'Nwoye', I accidentally wrote 'Mooey'. Several times. Without noticing it. XD

    "if there's a song about an ant crawling up your back at a phone number in Brooklyn, how bad a place can the world be?" -Sarah Vowell
  • I ended up writing 'I've found the cure to growing older' on an evaluation for graphic design (I was listening to I Slept With Someone From Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me & i didn't realise what i hade done until i had written the entire line! Luckily it was on the computer...)

  • I use to write some small parts of lyrics while sitting in school, listening to the teacher and doing notes, becouse I´m bored and singing in my head: ) So there´ re a lot of them in my notebooks: )

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    • Apr 4 2009, 17:29
    question: what happened to silk road after the new roads came?
    answer: they had crisis like us. but they didn't had mortgage.

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    • Giu 24 2009, 10:57
    I had to write something like 'Fight for what you believe in' Or something, i can't remember.
    But i wrote 'Fight for your right to party' >.< then had to scribble it out D:

  • I use to write some parts of songs I like, or draw the logos of my fav bands while I am taking notes at university. I also use to draw the logo of my fav football team.

    Now my folders are full of the logos of Mando Diao and Muse. Fortunately I haven't done it at a test... not yet.

    And I've waited patiently... and I wait for the sign.
  • If I'm doing some boring-ass essay, I always try to find some place to add some lyrics that I love.

    For example I was doing an essay on a poem and I had 'Field Of Innocence' by Evanescence stuck in my head. So in part of the essay I put '... I was in my field of innocence, the place where I believed in everything, and knew nothing at all...'

    And I thought it went well so I kept it :D

    I want to go back to believing in everything and knowing nothing at all.

    Where has my heart gone? Trapped in the eyes of a stranger.
  • Hmmm I don't know, but during a music history exam, I had some song stuck in my head so I wrote "Spanish influenza" instead of "Spanish influence". I was veeeeeery glad I caught that when I was editing.

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