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Data creazione: 22 Feb 2009
For lovers of any pathologically pathetic :)

This group is to give support TAG

Webster's 1913 Dictionary Definition:
\Pa*thet"ic\, a. [L. patheticus, Gr, suffer: cf. F. path['e]tique. See {Pathos}.]
1. Expressing or showing anger; passionate. [Obs.]
2. Affecting or moving the tender emotions, esp. pity or grief; full of pathos; as, a pathetic song or story. ``Pathetic action.'' --Macaulay.
No theory of the passions can teach a man to be pathetic. --E. Porter.
{The pathetic}, na style or manner adapted to arouse the tender emotions.

This group is for discussion about this great genre/style and to search other similar artists which are pathologically pathetic :)
You are welcome.
Fell free, and open minded.

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