Can't stay inactive and watch catastrophes passing by!

  • Can't stay inactive and watch catastrophes passing by!

    Part 1

    First ,let's turn back the clocks: 1986,i lived with my wife Gabi and our 2 children,
    (5and6years old),in Kaiserslautern(Germany). I had a good pay-check every mon-
    -th,and we had no special worries,except to keep our children healthy;as sudden-
    -ly the nuclear incident occured in Tchernobyl,Ukraine(former U.S.S.R.).From one
    minute to the other we were told by the german medias, to take our kids off the
    playground,and have them to wear rainclothes,everytime we had to leave the
    house.Surely,the information policy of the german administration wasn't perfect
    at that time,but we knew aproximatively what was going on.But we must confess
    ,now,that the majority of us was credulous...Then we followed the recommend-
    -ations of the government,and even the"Tchernobyl desaster"was getting worse
    day after day,the medias returned slowly but surely to normality.
    A few years later,a group of students from the University of Kaiserslautern,with
    their known curiosity,they cut the fresh-grown mushrooms on the campus.
    Gosh! In their laboratory they mesured 4000Becquerels/kilogramme!
    And what do we have this time?

    To be continued on Part 2



    "Arrectis auribus quoque apertis oculis"
  • ....

    I remember this moment, my daughter had then 2 years. Many scientists look for the effect caused by the Chernobyl nuclear explosion .... I think very poorly we knows history of our planet ... really wanting to know the of contamination,evolution of earth
    , the content of the atmosphere .... we must go back in about a dozen or so millions years ago such as ozone content higher ooo very higher, than the content of the atmosphere today ... is a simple example ... governs the evolution and changes us. People are will never be perfect but I always possessive:))
    ...... my dear FRENCHYTJ-fungi have always been hard to digest....
    hence their attractiveness and risks of pleasure and taste of poetry:))
    sorry for the sarcasm :))

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