What is your Remixes off of Ocremix

  • What is your Remixes off of Ocremix

    mines are Mega Man 3 ProtoVaffe OC ReMix by Mustin and Street Fighter 2 Ryu for Four Pianos OC ReMix by Reuben Kee

    • ZJP ha detto...
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    • Giu 5 2006, 5:22
    • sidar ha detto...
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    • Giu 15 2006, 3:58
    What's my "favorites", you mean? Even though I rarely listen to OCRemix anymore (real music became more interesting), I still have a few really good remixes on my computer that I play once in a while. My two favorites are:

    Donkey Kong Country 2 BramblesintheBreeze OC ReMix
    Doom Doomed E1L8 Boss OC ReMix

    • OverCoat ha detto...
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    • Giu 17 2006, 4:51
    What are my remixes? Seiken Densetsu 3 "Path-ology" :D

    My favorites? I don't really listen to OCR music too often D:

  • How come all this people who don't like OC Remix too much are active here? Just wondering...

    Also...Zero Kirby needs to take english class...

    Oh, my favorites? TONS! (off the top o' me head)
    The Ballad of Sir Kibbles-Kirby
    Marble Dancefloor-Marble Madness
    The Increadible Singing Robot-Chrono Trigger
    Kakariko Rave Party-LoZ: Link to the Past
    Waste Water Wipeout-TMNT
    Wily's Mosh Pit-Mega Man
    Trippin on Ecstacy-Sonic
    The Battle of Strings and a cell phone-FFIX
    Late Night Sneakin'-Jet Set Radio
    Da Boom-Sonic CD
    ***Pant Pant***
    Insomniac-SMB 2
    Black Magic Synthisis-FFIX
    ***Hack*** Well, the list goes on and on.......

    • Splunkle ha detto...
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    • Ago 11 2006, 3:29
    I still listen to OCR stuff all the time. Just not quite as often as I listen to Iron Maiden ^_^

    Favorites? Well, its generally frowned upon to post those. But I will say that quality has been improving - those of you who haven't checked out any of the last 250 mixes (we are approaching 1500) should definatly go do so.

  • hmm, I only listen to a few remixes once in a while, I really liked zircon's SMB castle music remix... something about turtles in the title...

    I don't listen to them enough anymore to remember which ones I really liked...

    I think that most of the REMIXERs in this group don't listen to OCRemixes much... I'd hope they don't, anyway, otherwise all the remixes would sound the same. I mostly do original stuff now... bink Aetherius

  • mine is BurntMota

    Everybody do the fonz
    • kaylynx ha detto...
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    • Gen 3 2008, 16:48
    my favorites are .. uhm :S dude i don't know there's just too many of them .. i've been marathoning through OCReMix lately, so i have a really hard time remembering everything ..

    but let's say for the latest 20 or so remixes instead:

    Palpable - Yoshi's Island In Pieces OC ReMix

    awesome stuff!

  • I had about 200 OCReMixes and didn't know where to start. Now I have downloaded 1,500 and am confused beyond measure, heh heh.



    • mercercy ha detto...
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    • Gen 11 2008, 4:54
    sidar said:
    Even though I rarely listen to OCRemix anymore (real music became more interesting)

    Sounds like fightin' words to me.

    • two-dere ha detto...
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    • Gen 17 2008, 11:36
    darkstreak33 said:
    mine is BurntMota

    I can see why!
    I'm a PSII junkie myself with the original Motavia being one of my favorite tracks. (If not 'the') ROLF XD
    I tend to try listen to stuff I know so I can appreciate the remix more. BurntMota is classy

  • mercercy said:
    sidar said:
    Even though I rarely listen to OCRemix anymore (real music became more interesting)

    Sounds like fightin' words to me.

    Sounds like fightin' words to any intelligent person. ;)

    He probably moved onto some or , lol.

  • I reckon I favor those Streets of Rage and Donkey Kong Country remixes the most, I don't really listen to any of the current OverClocked stuff though.
    I specifically like the Aquatic Ambience remix Beneath the Surface from DKC.

  • Hmmm a difficult question to think about. I have several, and most of them are more mellow.

    Mega Man 3 Cataclysmic Clash
    Sonic & Knuckles Lover Reef
    Zelda Link's Awakening Seaside Lullaby
    Spittn' Narcissism (Vega Stage)
    House Of Cards
    Goldeneye 007 Controlled Jazz
    Wolfenstein 3D Nazi Requiem
    Bust a Groove Bust This Groove '81
    Radical Dreamers The Furthest Promise
    Metroid Kraid's Hideout

    Those would be the on the top of the list of my favorites, but there are so many more. It was a difficult choice to choose them.

  • Most of my favorites belong to Protricity. Every single one of his holds something to me, and I really don't know why.

    Maybe it's the DKC remixes...? Those are my favorites. The Earthbound remixes, along with the Bound Together album. That's just awesome.

    And much MUCH more, ranging from Super Mario to Mega Man, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and that amazing Phoenix Wright mix done by OA.

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