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    • Feb 14 2006, 17:19

    Sources for Music

    -Digital Cable music channels. "Adult Alternative (uncensored)" is my favorite. I have no idea why they say "unsensored".

    -XM Radio (I've never heard Sirius but I'm sure they have great channels too). Stations like Hear, Lucy, Fred, Audio Visions are my favs...

    -Yahoo Launchcast: You can create your own music station based on preferences you set and the music, albums and artists you rate.

    -Yahoo Unlimited: For a fee you can listen to anything *in their database*. Sometimes they won't have something, but I usually have those on CD. This is great because you can save the songs to "My Music" and choose "stream" so they are not saved on your computer, taking up disc space...

    -RadioParadise.com - Wonderful commercial free Internet radio!!

    Just a few suggestions...

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    • Feb 20 2006, 16:37
    I highly recommend emusic.com. (If you message me your email address, I'll send you an invite to their free trial and we'll both get free MP3s!) They don't have the top 40 hits you'll find at iTunes, but they're cheaper, they give you MP3s without the DRM crap, and they have an excellent selection of indie, jazz, and other great music.

    For those of you who dig swinging Jazz & Blues, may I also recommend my live365.com streaming station at http://www.live365.com/stations/szarka_lindy ?

    http://aol.musicnow.com/ is a service similar to Yahoo's or Rhapsody that I'm trialing right now. Frankly, I think it sucks, partly because I want to be able to own copies of music, not rent it; and partly because it's designed only to function with Windows and only properly with Internet Explorer. Having said that, try it for 30 days and, like me, listen to all that stuff you only have on vinyl and want to decide whether to buy on CD. ;) I went on a punk/new wave binge last week. Right now I'm going through Roberta Flack's early albums...

  • If you're looking for streaming audio/radio ... the radio right here on last.fm is awesome. I started out by going to artists I already knew I liked, and listening to their 'similar artists' radio. I've discovered a lot of newer artists that I probably wouldn't have heard of without it, and also found out I like some older stuff more than I thought I would. Listening to neighbors radio is good too, for finding new music.

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  • the big takeover

    subscribe to the music mag The Big Takeover... the best indie music mag around. more reviews than you can read without feeling like you're trying to finish an assignment for a class... fabulous editorials and insightful interviews with older and new artist.


    and actually i am not associated with the mag in any way. believe it or not. the website doesn't touch on the depths of the magazine. not even a drop in the bucket. it used to be a site for simply ordering the mag, which comes out bi-annually, and i think they are slowly getting up to modern times with their site.

    hopefully someday we'll be able to search the site for reviews from older issues.

    other sources for me are:


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    • Mag 13 2006, 16:14
    Maybe also worth mentioning: WCNI. It's "college" radio (Connecticut College, here in New London), but with heavy participation from community members (I've been DJing there since the late 80s). It's totally free-form: whatever the DJ wants to play, and there's a new DJ every three hours, so you never know what you're going to hear: typical "college radio" fare, sure, but also polka, latin, classic new wave, old school punk, jazz, etc.

    A few of my favorite shows include "Not Exactly Nashville", "The Sound Job", "The Old Wave Show", and "Paper Cuts".

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    • Nov 27 2007, 18:44
    project playlist is another site to hear a tune "on demand" - although sometimes, they don't have everything i am looking for. i like it because i can send friends the direct link to a specific song i want them to hear. i used to use their services as my player on MySpace, but now i use last-fm.

  • emusic
    Chicago Public Library
    good-music-guide.com forum
    overgrownpath.com blog

    I'd subscribe to certain mags but I can't afford it yet :)

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    electronic source

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