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Leader: mellohippo
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Data creazione: 15 Dic 2006
keywords: occult, occultism, esoteric, exoteric, magic, magick, thelema, golden dawn, wicca, chaos, discordia, discordians, discordianism, satanism, psychedelic, psychedelics, entheogen,...

Thou shalt attain the seventh step and cross the gate of final knowledge but only to wed woe — if thou would'st be Tathagata, follow upon thy predecessor's steps, remain unselfish till the endless end.

Thou art enlightened — Choose thy way.

EDIT: This is NOT a metal group.. neither do we tolerate nazism or any far right bullshit around here. I also like to keep this group AT LEAST over 18.. so if you think you'll pass that..

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