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Leader: anarchodandyist
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Data creazione: 11 Nov 2007
For avid listeners of dissonace, atonality, unbridled oppugnancy to the norm and the mainstream, and the fans of plain innovation in modern rock.

Make mine a Gumballhead.

Following the demise of No Wave in the early 80's, a loose collective of angular-punk experimentalists based in Chicago, IL carried on its legacy in the form of "Now Wave", a term coined and popularized by Skin Graft Records. SKiN GRAFT would later release a compilation entitled Camp SkinGraft: Now Wave, featuring many leading Now Wave bands. Now Wave is similar to No Wave in that it champions dissonance, confrontational sounds and unrestricted musical experimentation, but differs on three main accounts: it carries with it a surreal sense of humour (as opposed to the frequently dark and pugnacious nature of No Wave), focuses more on rhythmic complexity and odd Math Rock-influenced meter changes, and also tends to make use of new electronics technologies that weren't available to the early No Wave practitioners. Some important Now Wave bands include Ruins, Lake of Dracula, Arab on Radar, Melt-Banana, and Zeek Sheck.

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