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    Free Downloads

    That's right,
    free downloads of all the songs.


    Free Download: grind/powerviolence/hardcore/death/doom/sludge/noise compilation

    Please help support this FREE compilation created by Exhilarate Records by downloading it or passing the link around to others.

    '17 Counts of Grievous Bodily Harm'

    Weekend Nachos
    Fatal Nunchaku
    Joe Pesci
    The Afternoon Gentlemen
    Living With Disfigurement]
    The Atrocity Exhibit
    Blame Keiko
    Macho Insecurity
    Hand Of Grief
    Gran Toucher


  • Great idea to post free downloads in here!

  • Download And Support The Mayo Monster :]

    An experimental blend of a handful of genres, including but not limited to hip hip, classical, ambient, techno, and even some noise.

    My music project of 3 years.

    I have my 2nd EP available for download HERE

    I'm working on a new project and once funds are available, I will independently release my 1st full length album.

    Pages to follow! (PLEASE SUPPORT!)
    The Mayo Monster's Tumblr! (BRAND NEW! FOLLOW4FOLLOW)
    My Personal Tumblr! (FOLLOW4FOLLOW)
    The Mayo Monster's Purevolume Page!

  • All of our songs are free for download including out noise rock ep "Throwback" It kinda sounds like aIDS Wolf and Lightning Bolt and artist s like that.

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    "Anything After" has a bunch of free downloads on their page check them out you might like them :) After

  • One man experimental, Psych-noise-pop from Brooklyn

    Albert Fish'n Chips
    {~_~} That Witch Shall Not Be Named

    "like schizophrenic mood pieces for the most out-there sci-fi films ever created"
    -Friendship Bracelet

    "It’s quite a very good way."-Big Swell

    "Like Mickey Mickey Rourke and others, Dream Drunk knows how to make "ambient" engaging and memorable."- Things As They Are

    The entire album, Yksnyzorots, is free at:
    Dream Drunk-Bandcamp
    Dream Drunk-Soundcloud

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    • Ago 19 2011, 11:49
    “On offer are 8 experimental instrumental tunes that push musical boundaries taking you on a journey of twists and turns as a result.” (—Tomatrax—)

    “…distorted, unjagged guitar; bass drum worship, air raid dissonance, and unabashed ironworking. It’s difficult to remember a hard rock project so fiercely independent, one so tirelessly devoted to discovery.” (—The Muse In Music—)

    Impresii, II

  • inVerse - Sunk (FREE DOWNLOAD)

    01 Sunk
    02 December

    Release Date: November 5, 2011
    Genre: Post-Punk/Shoegaze

    Official Website

  • FREE album download!!!!!

  • Free Downloads from Motorground!!!!!!

    John the Fox
    Casual Tension

    Downloads should be available on all these pages.

    -John the Fox

    Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ, for He is good! :D
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