• Infinity City mix series

    Feb 17 2013, 19:27 di KidVector

    Welcome to the all-new mix series from KidVector.

    I’ve wanted to get something like this going for a long time now and I’m glad to finally be able to share with you the first instalment in what will hopefully be a long running mix series.

    Our first trip to Infinity City since the 2008 finds our favorite future mega-tropolis in an introspective mood. We have a couple of remixes from the phenomenally talented Banks (expect big things in 2013), some classic tracks from MJ Cole, Magnetic Man and Scuba as well as a spotlight on some recent highlights from Project Mooncircle, finishing up with AlunaGeorge's hypnotic 'You Know You Like It'.


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  • XXEN001 - Coldcut - 'Journeys by DJ'

    Set 22 2010, 7:36 di KidVector

    his week's Ninja Tune giveaway is undoubtedly the ultimate, in both senses of the word. It's one of the very few, truly iconic pieces of dance music, of the type that people still refer to in feverish tones. Despite being only five years younger than Ninja itself, it's an hour of music that sounds every bit as thrilling as it did on its original release. In an age where eclecticism in DJing is once again in vogue, we'd like to respectfully make the point that Coldcut had the idea first.

    Welcome then, to Journeys By DJ. The original, the best, the mother of all mixtapes. Taking in a dizzying array of styles (jungle, techno, house, hip-hop, pop and politicised punk all get a look in,) it also features some of the brightest stars in the history of dance-music-worth-listening-to. More than just a mixtape, it was a statement of intent, and stands today as a testament to everything that's possible when music is mixed together.

    The JDJ mix cemented Coldcut's reputation as dance's broadest minds and deftest mixers, and planted a seed that is flowering in the work of every DJ today, fifteen years down the line.

    This version of the mix is described by Jon More as follows: "This version was done for the re-issue in 2002. It grew out of the original, but was re-balanced and re-jigged with extra content, and in fact has different tracks in if you listen very closely. I'd call it a reinterpretation of the first. We're happy to give this away on our twentieth anniversary, as it was an important mix for us that marked a pivotal moment of our career so far. Hopefully there will be many more to come!"
  • XXEN002 - Bonobo

    Set 15 2010, 19:33 di KidVector

    This week's penultimate Ninja Tune XX giveaway comes from one of Ninja Tune's legends, and an artist making the best work of his career. Bonobo released his finest album to date, 'Black Sands' earlier this year. Infused with the confidence that comes from years of an artist honing his craft, it was infectious, ambitious, and packed a huge emotional punch.

    'Ghost Ship' is a brand new, all exclusive song, and is every bit as worthy of those terms. Displaying his trademark richness of composition, addictive drums, rolling sub-bass and melancholic synths and strings build to a soaring climax. It's magnificent, and a must have.

    We’re also giving away four exclusive remixes:

    'Recurring (Dextro mix)'
    'Walk In The Sky (Aaron Jerome Glitch Mix)'
    'Eyesdown (Breach Remix)'
    'Ketto (Kid Kanevil Remix)'

    Bonobo has several new tracks on the Ninja Tune XX compilations: ‘Wonder When’ ft. Andreya Triana, 'Sun Will Rise' ft. Speech Debelle, 'Eyesdown' revox. Ft. DELS (exclusive to the box set).

    There are remixes of Bonobo’s work from Welder (ESKMO) and Floating Points.

    Bonobo will be performing at the Ninja Tune XX events in Paris, Berlin, London and Brighton.
  • XXEN003 - Amon Tobin - 'Esther's' premier

    Set 14 2010, 22:59 di KidVector

    Amon Tobin is a long standing Ninja Tune artist with an unbelievable creative output over the course of 15+ years, and whose imprint on electronic music is everywhere. His work has influenced a range of genres almost as diverse as his own influences, and as a result has become one of Ninja Tune's most influential and consistent artists.

    This week's giveaway comes in the form of a premier of one of the most exciting videos on Ninja Tune to date. Up-and-coming Belgian director Charles De Meyer (aka Chuck Eklectric) first met Amon Tobin in 2007, just after the release of his Foley Room album and proposed his idea for a music video for "Esther's". Think invasion of the robots with a romantic twist. Amon loved it, and worked on the additional sound design. The result is stunning. You can download it now in an iphone compatible format.

    As an added extra, we are also offering a 320 mp3 of 'Shut Down', highlighting one of the amazing Monthly Joints available on a special limited-edition picture disc package available at

    Amon's webstore re-launches today to offer everything from back catalogue to ringtones, special compositions, and other choice goodies.

    Amon has provided a brand new track for the Ninja XX compilation, which also features new, exclusive remixes of his tracks by Kronos Quartet and King Cannibal.
  • XXEN004 - The Cinematic Orchestra

    Set 1 2010, 16:38 di KidVector

    This week's tracks come from one of the most important acts on Ninja Tune - the peerless Cinematic Orchestra. We are giving away two, previously unheard tracks recorded in 2002 for a proposed Cinematic Orchestra radio show that was never broadcast.

    'Time & Space (Radio Session 13th May 2002)' - a radically different early version of the epic tune on Ma Fleur featuring Leonard Nimoy samples.

    'Brother/The Revolution (Radio Session 13th May 2002)' - a tune built around samples from the classic Gil Scott Heron track.

    The Cinematic Orchestra have re-worked Lou Rhodes' 'One Good Thing' for the XX releases, and there is also a previously unreleased track exclusive to the XX Boxset.

    The Cinematic Orchestra will also be headlining the Royal Albert Hall on the 14th November, and are also playing XX shows in Paris and Berlin.
  • XXEN005 - The Kid Koala Solid Steel Mix

    Set 1 2010, 9:45 di KidVector

    Gloriously downbeat, textural and atmospheric, Kid Koala's lovingly crafted Solid Steel mix could never be released due to licensing issues. We've always thought that a great shame, and as such we're very pleased to offer it as this week's Ninja Tune XX giveaway... Enjoy.

    Kid Koala will be playing the Ninja Tune XX live shows in Paris, Brussels, London, New York and LA, and has a brand new track as part of the XX releases.

    You can pre-order the XX Boxset now. or click on "XX Boxset" on the tool bar for more info.


    Boards of canada - "Everything you do is a Balloon"
    Jay Jay Johanson - "I’m Older Now"
    Isan - "Recently in the Sahara"
    Bjork - "Amphibian"
    Buckminster Fuzeboard - "Return of the Pretzel Stretch"
    Autechre - "Krib"
    Radiohead - "Motion Picture Soundtrack"
    Air - "Le Voyage de Penelope"
    Amon Tobin - "Natureland"
    Bonobo - "Magic man"
    Land of the Loops - "Single Girl"
    The Herbaliser - "Mrs Chombee Takes the Plunge (PC Mix)"
    Fembots - "John and Irene"
    Funki Porcini - "Purrrfect"
    White Mud Freeway - "Man With Gun Man With None"
    Henry Mancini - "Moon River"
    Dan the Automator - "Lonely Man"
  • XXEN006 - The Bug

    Ago 19 2010, 8:01 di KidVector

    This week's Ninja Tune XX giveaway comes from one of the key artists of Ninja's recent history, and of electronic music as a whole. Kevin Martin has been making and performing music for a long time, and under various guises. Having released feverishly acclaimed albums through Aphex Twin's Rephlex imprint in the past, Ninja signed The Bug in 2007, to much excitement within the label. His debut Ninja full length, London Zoo, was everything we'd hoped it would be. Chiming with the formative dubstep movement that Martin had himself influenced, it drew together his mastery of electronica, dancehall and dub into a record that was as furious and fiery as it was infectious in its melody and bass.

    Catch A Fire is a new track by The Bug and is on the Ninja Tune XX compilation. It shows a fascinating development of Kevin Martin's recent sound, alongside the trademark, irresistible production that's made his name. This track will also feature on a brand new EP, out later in the year.

    Also included in the download package is dubstep kingpin Skream's remix of 'Poison Dart,' one of the standout tracks from London Zoo.

    Ninja Tune XX will also feature an Autechre remix of The Bug's 'Skeng,' another exclusive new track, 'Tune In (version)', and a Prefuse 73 remix of 'Poison Dart' exclusive to the box set. The Bug will be playing the Ninja Tune XX events at Ewer Street in London, as well as shows in Paris and Berlin.

    In other news, the Ninja-Trainerspotter limited edition t-shirts are now up for grabs with a very special early bird price. Visit our shop for more info.

    You can also now buy the paperback version of the 192 page XX book "Ninja Tune XX: 20 Years Of Beats And Pieces", written by Stevie Chick here. The hardback is reserved for the XX boxset.
  • XXEN007 - Roots Manuva - 'Something Wicked' Dub

    Ago 11 2010, 15:15 di KidVector

    This week's Ninja Tune XX giveaway is a truly special, brand new creation from one of Big Dada's all time greats, Roots Manuva. Arguably the greatest hip-hop artist Britain has ever produced, Rodney Smith's strengths have always been his fearless individualism and astounding artistry. As one of several parts of his involvement with Ninja Tune's 20th anniversary, he recently crafted a dub of The Herbaliser's 'Something Wicked This Way Comes,' which, we think, is astonishingly good. Featuring infectious, eerie sonics, Manuva's inimitable swing and new, ruminative verses from the man himself, it's everything great about Roots boiled down to one song.

    Better yet, Big Dada founder and Manuva-mentor Will Ashon filmed the dub being made. The video is truly a treat, and shows Rodney having fun as he created the final dub.

    Roots Manuva is headlining the Ninja Tune XX party at London Ewer Street on 2nd October, as well as playing dates in Paris and Brussels. He has two new tracks on the compilations, and remixes of his work by Micachu, Modeselektor, Cut Chemist and Slugabed amongst others.

    His latest album, 'Duppy Writer,' a collaborative remix collection, is out on September 6th.
  • XXEN008 - Andreya Triana - A Town Called Obsolete (Mount Kimbie Remix)

    Ago 11 2010, 15:13 di KidVector

    This week's giveaway comes courtesy of hotly tipped new Ninja signing: Andreya Triana.

    First recognized for her vocal talents on Flying Lotus' 'Tea Leaf Dancers', Andreya Triana has also worked with Mr. Scruff, Theo Parrish, Mala and more recently Bonobo, whose critically acclaimed LP 'Black Sands' featured her on three tracks. She has spent the summer touring with Bonobo throughout the UK, Europe and North America, culminating in an unforgettable headline performance at the Roundhouse in London.

    August 2010 will see the release of her debut solo album 'Lost Where I Belong', produced by Bonobo, which is already receiving widespread praise from critics.

    To celebrate this release, we are giving away a very special remix of Andreya's latest single 'A Town Called Obsolete' by largely hyped producers of the moment - Mount Kimbie. Label mates of Joy Orbison on Hotflush Records, the duo string Andreya’s backing vox over melancholy pads like Christmas lights round the screen of a lovelorn mainframe.

    The Ninja Tune XX compilation sees the release of a brand new Bonobo & Andreya Triana track - 'Wonder When' - and there is also an exclusive remix from dubstep pioneer Mala as part of the XX releases. She will be performing solo sets throughout selected XX Events and an exclusive trio with Bonobo and Fink in Berlin and Paris.
  • XXEN009 - Mr. Scruff

    Lug 30 2010, 8:28 di KidVector

    This week's Ninja Tune XX giveaway comes courtesy of a true Ninja legend, and one of our most charismatic, multi-faceted artists. Mr Scruff released his first record on Ninja Tune way back in 1998, going on to create one of the label's all time most successful albums - 'Keep It Unreal' - the following year. He'd been making music and mixing records for years previously however, as demonstrated by side one of this ultra-rare mixtape from 1992. Originally limited to a mere 20 copies, and sold in Manchester's Funky Banana record shop, it hasn't been available anywhere since. Unless you're one of the 20 prescient people who bought it originally, this mp3 is truly a hidden treasure. Side two will remain so, at least for now!

    The mix reveals Scruff's early passion for hip-hop, and takes in tracks from A Tribe Called Quest, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Main Source, Digable Planets, Organised Konfusion and many more of rap music's innovators. Add in a touch of jazz in the form of Art Blakey and Charles Mingus, and you have the origins of the sound that Mr. Scruff made all his own.

    Fans will already know that alongside his music, Mr. Scruff's idiosyncratic, instantly recognisable visual art has become as much of a trademark as his sound. Included in the download is the original artwork for the mixtape, featuring early versions of the characters now featured on everything from umbrellas to tins of fair-trade tea.

    Mr Scruff will be hosting a room at the Ninja Tune XX party at London Ewer Street, and playing various other shows around the world. There will also be two new songs on the Ninja Tune XX compilation (one on 7" vinyl only).