music change YOUR DNA

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    music change YOUR DNA

    from guitarotherapy

    Do You know what similar have electric guitar and human brain ?
    They both transform acoustic vibrations to electromagnetic !
    And what happen in fact when we say ,that we fill music? Sound-it's just number of vibrations,-figure.When we listen set of different sounds body start to vibrate apply to sounds and this way brain get set of numbers...


    In fact music-it's just very,very complicated mathematical formula,created by human apply to own "system"! And to say shortly-if we try to show this formula as a graph on a paper-it will look like spiral of DNA...
    And After brain did get this formula- it send to body command to create some chemical ingredients apply to this code,that push body to move or push us to cry...

    My advice:if You want to know how some music can change You-look at someone who created this music...success and problems,health and sickness,-everything that creator of music has-You get in Your own life.So choose what You need!

    music is the best tool to create direction for mind power
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