My Music Taste Has The Bigger Penis Than Your Music Taste!

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Data creazione: 23 Apr 2007
Join this group if you're sick of all the buffoons who use as a competition arena rather than an opportunity for exploring new music.

The Bigger Penis... A Bigger Penis... What-fuckin'-ever! give us an inimitable chance to discover new artists, even new genres of music that you have never expected to find and most important thing in consequence - become fond of those tones. Yes, we dedicate this group for people who don't give a shit about better looking charts only for public view or improve themselves-esteem, but are just listening to eminent music for their good frame of mind and pleasure.
Don't join, if you are a big fan of Britney, Green Day or overly exalted, however in fact ridiculous Nightwish, because your penis of musical taste is definitely not bigger than mine. ;-)

Keynote: Enjoy yourself while exploring more and more interesting, bright, unique sounds! :-D

Remember: don't fuck with us, buddy.

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