what do you guys expect from their next album?

  • what do you guys expect from their next album?

    in an interview, josh made the comment that they were going to try and record a new record this fall. what do you guys think the sound will be like?

    i hope it's not a recarnation of commit this to memory. it was a great album but i'd like something new.

  • Hmm...

    I hope they go back to the old sound. Iam the Movie i think was the best. They kind of went back to that sound with Monsters Invisible which i believe is one of the best songs "on" Commit this to memory.

    Define yourself. Make a playlist.
  • yeah i have to agree. Monsters Invisible was a grteat song and is one of ym favorites from the album.

  • I don't think they'll let us down. It'll probably be awesome.

  • i think the best indication is 'worst part,' which is def. different, but still good. personally, i'm one of those 'the first album is always better' kind of fans, but i would never ever stop buying & enjoying mcs albums because they are simply great.

  • well, i heard broken heart last night,
    and it was incredible.

    if we have torn the map to pieces, you'll find your way home.
    cause home is where you believe.
  • I'm really looking forward fo that one song where is just the voice and the piano...and then in the end the guitars and drums comes in !!!
    Does anyone know the name of this song??

    These sinking shoes will sink me soon.
  • ^ pretty sure its conversation

  • the leak

    today their album leaked and i have listened to it fully two times and i am so excited about picking it up next tuesday. its a beatifully crafted work and i think it will fit nicely with everyones motion city collection. When i get the actaul album in my hands i will listen to all of their albums all at once to see their musical progression. until then i will have to be content just listening to the leak and their other two records

    britt jones
  • its everything i hoped for and more

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