Live Humanitarian

  • Live Humanitarian

    1- Erasing The Goblin
    2- I'm Not Your Commodity
    3- Hammer Of God
    4- Purest Intent
    5- Medley: Lymphosarcoma/The Destroyer Beholds/Distarnish Priest/Love Song
    6- Priests Of The Underground
    7- The Dead Shall Be Judged
    8- Spoken Word Part 1
    9- Humanitarian
    10- Spoken Word Part 2
    11- Dead Man Walking
    12- Standing At The Door Of Death
    13- Spoken Word Part 3
    14- Escape The Blasphemous Tabernacle
    15- Spoken Word Part 4
    16- Chapel Of Hope

    I got a little disappointed when i saw the track list. There are none of my favourites of their new era. I hoped for songs like Web of fire, Razorback, Short Circuit, Your Time and Way, Truth, Life. What do you guys think?

    Good that they are releasing the self-titled CD again though! I'll buy that one as soon as I have money. I think I'll skip the Live Humanitarian CD and just buy the DVD when it comes out.

  • Rules

    Po this compact disc is good, really surprised me, excellent!

    Thrash Till Death!!!
    Metal Till The End!!
  • Beatiful... Mortification are etern masters of metal!

    Jesus nas linhas, sublinhas e entrelinhas.
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