Mormons on American Idol

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    • Apr 7 2008, 7:24

    Mormons on American Idol

    Anyone been watching David Archuleta and Brooke White on American Idol this season? Both are LDS. They're both still in the competition and doing quite well.

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  • i've never watched american idol

  • Brooke got booted last night. But for a week there 40% of the finalists were LDS. Really there's a huge statistical significance to Mormons on reality shows, especially talent-based ones.

  • I kneeeew it!!!
    I watched them from Brazil!
    I Knew Brooke were a LDS by the songs she sang and the way she behaved (her clothes, gestures...)
    She's so beautiful!!!
    And when she was out of the show I started to pay more attention in Archuleta and thought the same about him! (well... that was because I saw he was from Utah)
    I'm so glad to find out that they really are LDS!
    I really like them!

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    • Ago 14 2008, 1:32
    :o OMG... Are u serious?!?!
    David Archuleta is Mormon?! Cool *_*

  • I had been very fond of Brooke White. ^_^

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