data cost per track ?

  • data cost per track ?

    How many kilobytes does mobbler send/recieve per track during online mode? Scrobbles only come form my library not the radio.

    Ps. Great application!

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    • Gen 19 2012, 14:26

    Around 13 KB per track

    It will vary a bit, and you can minimise it by setting "Download album art" to "Never" and don't use any of the extra web services (such as all that stuff under View).

    When a track starts, it sends a notification to so it can show the what track you are listening to now.

    I just played 5 tracks and it 64.33 KB of data (some of this may have been other system applications also using the net connection), so about 12.87 KB per track.

    • Total 8.30 KB to send "now playing" for first track.
    • Total 26.71 KB to scrobble first track and send now playing for second.
    • Total 38.18 KB to scrobble second track and send now playing for third.
    • Total 51.30 KB to scrobble third track and send now playing for fourth.
    • Total 62.41 KB to scrobble fourth track and send now playing for fifth.

    You can check yourself if you open the connection manager.

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