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Data creazione: 4 Lug 2009
A group for the poet, prophet and threat to society Mike IX Williams!

Southern Nihilist Front.

- Eyehategod

- Outlaw Order

- Arson Anthem

"Mike Williams has a sketchy nervousness that’s dark and energetic with infectious words that cut to the bone” -Shelton Hank Williams III

“If words were bullets Mike Williams would have already blown your head into oblivion” -Jeff Clayton, Antiseen

“Michael D. Williams frayed corporeal voice has served the public as a disquieting pain remedy for more than thirteen ill-omened years. His accrued literary voice will now concern readers for many more years to come” -Mark Solotroff, Intrinsic Action/Bloody Minded

“Echoing sentiments of the disenfranchised street on an anti-society Greyhound ride with a one way ticket between boredom and nowhere” -Dwight Slade, Into the Void Reader

"The cavity search is complete, but they forgot to check Mr. Williams’ mouth for a box cutter razor” -Pete Hitler, Panty Line Fever

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