Metaphysics, mysticism, esotericism

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From philosophy to mysticism. And everything between.

This group is for all those interested in spiritual themes and their interpretation from philosophical, religious, mystical and esoteric perspective. This is NOT a New Age group (though people connected with this movement might join it), neither it has any other "official" set of opinions - anyone interested in group's subject might join.

The join policy is not very strict - almost everyone can join. It's here only to avoid trolling from random idiots (which are not rare on and hate posts from religious fanatics (who probably think that this is some kind of internet sect) as well as extreme rationalists. Anyone else will be accepted (yes, Christians/Pagans/Muslims/Jews/[insert_your_religion_here] too as long as they are not radicals or exclusivists).

Artist connections: some of the bands here clearly show interest in topics similar to group theme, the other ones just create atmospheric, mystically sounding music.

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