Metalheads who hate every one !

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So Get Fucking Joining Fellow Angry Metalheads!


Fuck this shitty world, fuck this shitty town, fuck every one, fuck you, you all suck!

Basically this group is for angry people who hate every thing and every one from the deepest part of their heart, maybe you have had a bad life experience or your just an angry motherfucker who wants to kill and cause armageddon, then this is the place for you my friend, join and share you're hate with others, us metallers must stick together and tribe against this fucking wretched spawned diseased earth:

Well where do i start off, congrats if you were smart enough to highlight this bit and read my late night rant :) first of all this group is a fucking joke thats all a joke, i made it up a while ago with a few other friends. the whole thing is playing with the stereotype of what metal fans are suppose to be like, bad tempered fuckers who think there dark and satanic, hating the world for no real reason but most of them listen to entry level metal or mallcore etc i of course fit into the last bit of listening to mainly entry level metal but the so called 'kvlt' metal fans or the ones who claim to stand under the banner of being ture bascally fit the stereotype. they over react to people like me for calling myself metal a fan. they take it upon them selves to start a hate campaign against bands they deem not metal. these people suck, i hate them with every inch of my body they take there music far to seriously almost making into a religion, and as we all know religion's persecute people for not thinking a certain way. these guys are usually ugly fuckers (im sure this rule dont aply to all but most yes that i have seen) who listen to random back street metal bands that have shitty production values and have a low fan base. they do have some good points about bands and are quite smart ill give them that but they way they force there opinions onto people is so overally aggresive its actually funny. dont get me wrong am all for expressing opinions but theres a constructive way and then theres a over kill way of doing it which is constantly posting hate about a band they dont want to be called metal. also who give these people there right to decide whats metal or not, did they take a college course in metal because if so sign me up i wnat to learn in the ways of true metal. metal fans are supposedly ment to band together and be fucking strong and united (thats what ive heard so it may not be fact) but all ive seen in my short time is infighting and people trying to have more heavier bands then the next person which is rather sad to me, so fuck being a metalhead, fuck metal i'd rather be a lone ranger then be with a buch of twats with giant ego's. it comes to something whent the zimbabwe goverment is more stable than the metal community as a whole. i know its shocking ive turned my back on metal OMFG its the biggest news story to affect metal in years. well maybe that was slightly over the top but i think i have a point everyone else am guessing wont think my way. so most likey i dont. this whole message will have words missing, spelling mistakes, wrong facts etc in fairness i did write this at 5am so am not in the best of form. if anyone agress with me send me a shout to discuss it futher if you dont send a message on why you think am worng or so stupid that i wasted your time by writing this big pile of shit :)

Back Room Staff:
Music_Fan456 - Majority Share Holder And Owner


Are you interested in becoming part of the managment team/backroom staff on metalheads hate everyone ? drop us a shout and an interview will be arranged at a suitable time, please bring your GCSE results and a Pen and we will negotiate a possible Job!:

The Hate List:

*Fuck Emos

*Fuck Goths

*Fuck Chavs

*Fuck Indie Rockers

*Fuck Cascada

*Fuck Homie Boy Rappers

*Fuck People On This Site Who Use It As A Dating Service

*Fuck All Religions

*Fuck Metal Elitist's

*Fuck Science

*Fuck Stereotypical Groups For Metal Head's Who Hate Everyone

*Fuck Black Holes

*Fuck Fellow Humans

*Fuck Sunshine (It's Overrated)

*Fuck CD Prices At HMV

*Fuck Madonna (Act Your Dam Age, Start Knitting Instead Of Doing The Splits)

*Fuck The Goverment

*Fuck People Who Think Beyonce And Kaiser Chiefs Are the Heaviest Shit Around

*Fuck Neighbours On Last.Fm And In Real Life

*Fuck People Who Join This Group And Don't Bother To Leave A Shout

*Fuck Moths That Come In My Window At Night

*Fuck Every One And Everything !



Comment Me If You Would Like Anything Added To The Hate List And If You Want Your Group Advertised Here, Doesn't Matter What Its For All I Ask For In Return Is You Advertise Metalheads who hate every one ! In Yours. This Would Be Beneficial For All Groups As We Would Get More Members !

Note: This group is a Joke! but we are also very serious here on Metalheads who hate every one !, assholes and trolls will be dealt with in the most severest forms of punishment


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