Best Vocalist?

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    • Giu 6 2009, 12:30

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    • Giu 6 2009, 13:31
    Pasi Koskinen Shape of Despair
    Alan Dubin Khanate
    Mikael Åkerfeldt Opeth
    Not really metal, but Billy Werner Seatia
    Kristoffer Rygg Ulver

    And ICS Vortex (Dimmu Börgir, Arcturus)

    • netofcl ha detto...
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    • Giu 8 2009, 1:59

    The Best....

    Rob Halford
    Max Cavalera
    Bruce Dickinson

    Os Caras!!!!!

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    • Giu 8 2009, 16:37
    I like maybe most Randy Blythe from Lamb of God , Jonny Navy from Job for a Cowboy or Anders Fridén from In Flames.

    Specially Randy's screams are something drug to me <3

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    • Giu 9 2009, 0:17
    James Hetfield

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    • Giu 10 2009, 18:12
    M.Roth aka "Blutkehle" from the great band Eisregen
    just hear it and you know what i mean

  • bruce dickinson

    and the man of Kamelot

    )) R : D ((
    • Kkkkevin ha detto...
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    • Giu 11 2009, 9:42
    Piotr - Vader

    The best brutal death metal band in the whole world

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    • Giu 12 2009, 4:52
    Tom Araya

  • The Best Vocalist is for me ROB HALFORD my leather rebel - I put his scream from song Screaming for Vengeance to my mobile as alarm clock :D
    Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh amazing welcome to new morning...

    Next Robert Plant, Bruce Dickinson, Freddy Mercury, Alice Cooper, Dio, Tarja, Joakim Brodén, Axl Rose.....

    "Sign upon the bloody line. A drop of yours, a drop of mine. Nothing's free..."
  • Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish)
    Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation)
    Simone Simons (Epica)

    • Khartas ha detto...
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    • Giu 15 2009, 21:06
    Without the slightest hesitation, Mikael Åkerfeldt both in his growls and his clean vocals. It still amazes me despite having listened to both Bloodbath and Opeth for years, that a single man can have such an amazing voice.

  • Andre Matos (ex-Angra)

    • Coivisto ha detto...
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    • Giu 16 2009, 16:06
    Devin Townsend is a great vocalist from what i have heard.

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    • Giu 16 2009, 22:26
    Mathias D.G. „Warlord” Nygard - Turisas

    Każdy ma swoje muzyczne klimaty....

    36 CF Fans
  • Dave Hunt (Plenty of amazing bands such as Mistress, Anaal Nathrakh, Benediction, etc)

  • Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister, of course!

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    • Giu 17 2009, 19:10
    Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth

  • James Hetfield of Metallica and Dani Filth of Cradle Of Filth are my personal favourites.

  • lots of people agree with me, or I agree with lots of people

    Bruce fucking Dickinson is the shit
    and all the vocalists from Avantasia

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    • Lug 6 2009, 12:19
    Mikael Akerfeldt all the way , David Gilmour , Renske of Katatonia , Maynard of Tool ...

    • Bijlie ha detto...
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    • Lug 7 2009, 9:09
    Tom Araya - Slayer
    Mikael Åkerfeldt - Bloodbath
    Nergal - Behemoth
    Orion - Vesania
    Piotr - Vader
    Corpsegrinder- Cannibal Corpse
    Barney - Napalm Death
    Mortuus - Marduk

    Non Serviam

    About Religion:
    Adults With Imaginary Friends Are Stupid

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    • Ago 2 2009, 19:43
    Clean vocals: Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray)
    Dirty vocals: Marcus Bischoff (Heaven Shall Burn)

  • George Fisher
    Rob Halford
    Axl Rose
    Jari Maenpaa

    • laucian ha detto...
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    • Ago 13 2009, 19:35
    are we all living on the same planet??
    of course Mikael Stanne from Dark Tranquillity is the best fucking vocal..

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