• Hey All!

    Great group: looks like a world full of medicine here! I'm in Portland, Oregon in the US; 6th year studying Chinese and Naturopathic Medicine. In my last year and grinding on the bit to be done!

    more music, please.

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    • Dic 23 2006, 20:51
    Welcome aboard,

    • scrubs06 ha detto...
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    • Dic 30 2006, 0:08
    hey all, im a fourth year med student in new york. finishing up interviews and ready for the long downhill slide through match and the rest of my required electives til graduation in may.

    i guess im mostly into alternative, alternrock, whatever you want to call it.

    this is a great idea, and its nice to see a good international representation.

    • Kida_Cut ha detto...
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    • Feb 13 2007, 19:58


    hi everyone, colleagues ;) i from Moscow, Russia. i'm first year medical student, working as the laboratorian, and i should study about four years... and i am inspired with an own choice. some of my biggest sympathies in medicine is a surgery, anatomy and psychiatry.

    let's look what listen medical students. :0)

    hey, forgive me my bad English!

  • Welcome aboard all :).

    Surgery and anatomy pretty much goes hand in hand here, as a great anatomical knowledge is a definitive requirement for surgery :). Also both my 2 favorites. Psychiatry is really interesting as well, but a completely different study here unfortunately.

    Sometimes we do get to see psychological tests from the past and such on video, that's always really cool to see :D.

    • bucuruk ha detto...
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    • Ago 26 2007, 1:52

    hi doctors.... :)

    hello everyone from istanbul,Turkey....!!!I'm second student at marmara university medical school..and I am glad to be in this group...
    great idea to see medical students in this area....

    let's listen music together.

    whatever will be will be.....!!!
  • Hi, welcome :). Always nice to see new faces show up as well ^^.

  • Hi to everyone!

    Next week I begin 3rd year in medical school.
    I come from Spain, sorry for my poor English.
    I like to see that medical students "also" listen music apart of cardiac sounds ;-).

    Glad to meet you!

    ¡Vamo' Rober sal a bailar, que tu lo haces fenomenal, tu cuerpo se mueve como una palmera, suave, suave, su-su-suave!
  • Cardiac sounds can have quite an interesting beat to them though ;), anyways welcome to medical students :D.

    • Nasser87 ha detto...
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    • Set 30 2007, 0:04
    Hi everyone :D

    joined a while ago but never posted =x

    started 2nd year this term.

    good luck to everyone :D

    • drKLC ha detto...
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    • Dic 20 2007, 20:46
    Cheers to my fellow medstudents since I'm also one ;)

    I actually have an exam tomorrow:
    'Molecular and cellular aspects of a disease'..
    Yes, it is a boring as it sounds.

    PsychoDude, I see you're dutch as well! where do you study?

  • In Rotterdam drKLC :).

  • Hello. My name's Jonny, I'm 19 and a first year medical student at Dundee, Scotland. I listen to as many different types of music as possible, and spend a lot of time creating music too. I also like cooking, TV and Japanese shit.

    Nice to meet ya.

    • The_SCH ha detto...
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    • Gen 31 2008, 23:43


    Nice group here :)
    My 6. year started about a month ago. Really cool but
    İ study in Turkey but am from Bosnia.
    Like all kind of music, films, reading and so....
    That's all
    Nice to meet you all.

    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Feb 13 2008, 20:58
    I'm Luke, but Alex is my second name and I use them alterably ;) I live and study in Katowice, Poland, on Medical University of Silesia. I'm in a half of my 3rd year, so the half of the studies is near.

    Cheers for all :)

  • Hey, I'm Robert, and I'm a 1st year med student at University of Aberdeen (UK), though originally I come from Poland :) Really enjoying the course atm and trying not to feel overwhelmed by the fact that finals are coming soon (end of May)... I love music, movies, good book and so on. I'm a big fan of photography and sports as well - but I'm sure you'll understand there isn't a lot of time for hobbies during our course.

    Peace :]

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    • Apr 3 2009, 23:39
    Hey guys, I am Abhishek from India, Just finished my 9th sem in december, 2008 was one of the toughest year of my life, Now i am getting trained in most of the departments as what we call as One year compulsory Internship, I will get my MBBS degree next year and I want to take Orthopaedics or paediatrics as specialisation.(strange combination of choice, eh?).
    Anyways, I love music,Old school death metal in particular.Also love Lawn Tennis and Cricket a lot.

    • lindda ha detto...
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    • Ago 1 2009, 10:08
    hey, everyone! I just got accepted in Stomatology faculty (in Latvia), so I will start studying after a month. I can't wait for that! :))

    • noamanda ha detto...
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    • Nov 15 2009, 16:35
    hey! i'm amanda, from Indonesia. i'm now in my 2nd year. i'm now in neuro system, it's really hard, but interesting! i like it so much.
    for music, generally, i like all kinds of music, but i dont really like metal emo or something with a lot of screaming. what i like most is something with electro touch in it like postal service, owl city,passion pit. i like song with great lyrics also, like death cab, coldplay, iron&wine. sigur ros is also great.

    anyway, nice to know u all :D

    • dzoners ha detto...
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    • Nov 29 2009, 9:45
    Hello everyone ;)

    I'm Jan and I started my first year 2 months ago.
    I study in Zabrze - Medical University of Silesia in Poland.

    If you want to know what I'm listening to, just check it on my profile ;d

    I can't say, that I like my studies, but i hope it is going to change...

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    • Gen 8 2010, 21:40
    Hello guys!

    I'm Michael and this is my fifth year on medical school. Next year I will graduate so it's high time to think rationally :) As Jan above - I study in Medical University of Silesia in Poland, not in Zabrze but in Katowice - our school is divided into two parts which are in two different cities :)

    Future plans...? Well, maybe anaesthesist and intensive care specialist or internal medicine specialist. Time will show :)

    More info - see my profile :>

  • Hi !

    I'm from Iran , This id my third year on medical school in Shiraz .

    My current job is studying hard for my comprehensive basic science exam on march 2011.

    good luck for all <3

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