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Leader: ladyull
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Data creazione: 14 Gen 2007

a group for everyone who loves music made by Marillion till the year of 1988.

everything what you wanna know about Marillion, but you're afraid to ask

Marillion was set up in 1979...

the name of band originally comes from the title of J.R.R.Tolkien book - Silmarillion.

it was the first new progressive group after the late 70's crisis and it is thought to be the forerunner of .

the main symbol of the band was characteristic, very scenic and often histerical singing of Fish, the undeniable lider.

Marillion recorded some concept albums, dedicated to different aspects of life. for example Misplaced Childhood shows the thoughts of childhood and its influence on the grown up person, when Clutching At Straws is about the alcoholism and the loneliness flows from the fact of being famous.

in 1988 Fish left the band...

web sites:

Polish 'Fish-era Marillion' website

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