Reccomended Readings

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    • Gen 17 2009, 16:31

    Reccomended Readings

    Greetings all.
    I make this thread wondering if anyone knows any texts that should be read to gain a deeper appreciation or feeling for the Magical.
    I, for one, enjoy a writer named Arthur Machen, who interestingly (and somewhat paradoxically) explores magic from a Catholic worldview.
    I also am very interested in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and always love researching them. I also admire a man named Josephin Peladan... though his books are nearly impossible to find!
    What books have influenced the people here?

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    • Gen 18 2009, 15:45
    Concerning the O.T.O. you may be interested in this:

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    • Gen 30 2009, 0:14
    Thanks for the link; I have found many interesting articles there!

  •, also a good selection of magic related e-books are available to download on

  • I've found alot of insight here...

  • I'll list here my favorite books, they helped me a lot in my iniciation and rookie phase, these books are more about modern witchcraft and shamanism, I hope you can find something helpful :)

    The Formulary of High magic (Formulaire de haute magie) by Pierre Piobb
    The Celtic Shaman (John Matthews)
    The Sacred Round (Elen Hawke)
    Ogham - The Celtic Oracle (Andy Baggott)
    The Celtic Wheel of Life (Andy Baggott)
    Celtic Wisdom (Andy Baggott)
    Earthsigns (Andy Baggott)
    Astral Projection, Ritual Magic, and Alchemy: Golden Dawn Material (S.L. MacGregor Mathers, Francis King and R. A. Gilbert)
    Witchcraft Today (Gerald Gardner)
    The Meaning of Witchcraft (Gerald Gardner)
    Applied Magic and Aspects of Occultism (Dion Fortune)
    I recommend also all books by Sir John Rhys and Seathrún Céitinn

    Also, You HAVE to visit this website, it has ebooks for download of many ancient magical works, like Eliphas Levi and Cornelius Agrippa, not only western magic but buddhism, kabbalah...

    Yad yad acarati sresthas
    tat tad evetaro janah
    sa yat pramanam kurute
    lokas tad anuvartate ॐ
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