best player

  • best player

    best player for lastfm is clementine

    its based on amarok

    free software rocks

  • how I began to use this shit. experience of using. issues etc

    yea, I'm too using this right now. I not so much time using Mac OS, before, when I was on Windows - my favorite player was Foobar and I planned to use Amarok when change platform. but when I finally did it - I was dissapointed, it's was more difficult than I thought. I simply couldn't install it. and I went and installed Clementine. it's good but not all. the most worst thing for me - it's a lack of gapless. I listen electronic music and with missing of it all atmosphere goes to hell. also, when I wrote regarding this problem to one of developers - I was not awarded to reply. :(
    any suggestions, guys? drop me a shot on page.

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