• Lyrics Muse: a new Lastfm gadget for you

    Nov 20 2007, 15:47 di Joan_Ponce

    After LastTV, a gagdet that i love, a new Lastfm gadget has arrived. It's Lyrics Muse.

    Sincronized with your LastFM profile, Lyrics Muse update your track lists, and makes possible to transcribe the lyrics of your charts. Obviously, it must be wrote for someone before... but for me, who try to listen music with some message and tell me something interesting, it is a great gadget. I don't know languages and most of the music i listen to it's in french, occitan, english, italian, euskara....

    Actually there are around 7,300 artists, 1,200 albums and
    36,000 tracks uploaded. Try it out, music is something more than rythm ;P

    Lyrics Muse
  • The World Needs Another Lyrics Site

    Nov 9 2007, 9:12 di wulffeld

    Yes, it does. If you do a search for 'lyrics' you only get a few thousand sites shoved in your face. We need one more. Lyrics Muse.

    There are two twists to Lyrics Muse which makes it stand out. It's community based so anyone who registers can edit and improve the lyrics. The most cool differentiating factor however is that if you're a user of you will get your own personal interface to browse lyrics because Lyrics Muse tracks your listening.

    In other words this makes it very easy to find the lyrics you need. It's the primary goal of Lyrics Muse to make it as easy as possible to find lyrics. Oh, and not plaster the site with irrelevant ads and popup crap.

    If you sign up feel free to join the Lyrics Muse group to stay on top of news regarding the site.