Happy 2012! Highlights & Top100

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    Happy 2012! Highlights & Top100

    Happy 2012! I hope everyone had a good time, or not too good so you're ruined today haha. There were some cool things that happened last year, here's three of them (in no particular order:)

    Hardcore producers Promo & D-Passion dedicated their "Omnifuck" track to Lololyrics, and added "they feel the need to type any lyric that we sample in our track, and we thought we'd have a little laugh" http://www.lololyrics.com/news/30

    Another cool thing was the party our moderator H4LHitout organized which we sponsored. Aftermovie and photos are up at if you didn't see them: Baco's & Beukshit - Dec 17th - Brunssum, NL http://www.lololyrics.com/beukshit

    And finally, while it's not not as big of a change, I think the other moderators will agree when I say that the reworked submission page had a pretty big impact on the quality of the lyrics submitted by you guys. :) Now you'll find the info you need instead of going to the Help page to study everything. http://www.lololyrics.com/news/32

    Now check out the Top 2011 at http://www.lololyrics.com/top2011

    So, once again, Happy New Year!

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