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Leader: brouits
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Data creazione: 31 Gen 2006
A group promoting people making music with Open Source Stuff (such as Linux), and for people who like to listen to them.
Note: this group does not focus on free music, but free software for...

If you use free software from Csound to PureData, Zynaddsubfx to Pawfal's Synths, Rosegarden to Lilypond, Ecasound to Audacity, Clm to Minc.. this is a place for you! People who simply want to discover music made with those softwares are welcome too.
* Some musicians using Free Software:
* Some Free Software to make music:
* Some music made with it: @linux-sound, @LAM, @Unit-E,, @Icking archive, @P.D. Radio...

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