Njord - The Third Leaves' Eyes Album

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    • Dic 22 2008, 23:35

    Njord - The Third Leaves' Eyes Album

    All we've been given so far is the title of the album. Njord is an alternative name for the Norse god Njörðr:


    So it seems more than possible that this concept album will tell a mythic tale, like Lovelorn did. We also have one song from the album, Through Our Veins (watch the Wacken performance). Here are some of the lyrics from the song:

    "Let the blood run through our veins / Through you / Feel desire to arise / Will you be fire / I'll be ice / Into the void we shall unite / Will you be day / I will be night / Let the blood run through our veins / In the silence with your divine breath / Let the blood run through our veins..."

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    • Dic 27 2008, 18:54

    ...As the recordings progressed, we decided to name the album “Njord”. It has a strong connection to Nordic Mythology and history. The sound is truly massive, moreover, we have raised our own musical style to a new level.

    ...around spring-time the album “Njord” will be out. 2009 will be a year of many exciting, important and positive happenings for both Leaves’ Eyes and our wonderful fans. We will see you on tour!"

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    • Dic 29 2008, 6:27
    I am really looking forward for the next tour, I hope I can see them once more! And I also cannot wait for the new album!

  • This new album will be about the only reason I'll look forward to winter ending...^_^

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    • Gen 20 2009, 5:45
    What's so great about winter? Not that it even exists out here in SoCal. :-P

  • Yeah, I hate winter :') It's.. cold. I'm happy if winter is finally ending and I can finally embrace the new album :-D I hate the cold. I want it to be summer right now. (why oh why, is the Netherlands such a cold and wet place to live.. xD)

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    • Feb 14 2009, 8:30
    Yeah, at the start of January I moved for a semester from Kentucky, where it's apparently now freezing with ice storms and power outages, to Los Angeles, where it's often 80 degrees fahrenheit (26 celsius) and there weren't even any clouds in the sky for two weeks after I got here. :-P February is still February to some extent, though... rainy and wet. But not incessantly so. :)

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    • Feb 24 2009, 2:10
    So this is the (cropped) cover recently posted by if-then-else in the Leaves' Eyes shoutbox:

    The general reaction is that it's ugly with unnecessary photoshopping to Liv. I wrote this: I quite like that Njord cover, Liv didn't need to look like a tavern whore (you know what I mean) but aside from that, it's much stronger visually than the Vinland Saga cover.

    For that matter, Lovelorn was interesting-looking but rather monochromatic.

    In other news, Alex has a sword now. Yay. :-P

  • Oh...wow...a new dress! I was thinking she would just wear that..pink one for the 1987th time.

    I like the blue cover...but they could have done so much better.

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    • Feb 24 2009, 20:52
    Pink? It's RED! :-P That was the Vinland Saga dress, I've been expecting a new dress for the third album. I like this one, even if it is about the same design with different colors.

    1987? :-P

  • "The general reaction is that it's ugly with unnecessary photoshopping to Liv"
    A disagree with general opinion!
    I like promo-pics more than the latest live-photos, in which she looks older than her real age.
    And... сиськи!!! :D

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    • Mar 8 2009, 11:01
    Agree. But not about the "сиськи." :-P If you're going to show off your сиськи, do it tastefully, like this. Liv's cleavage on the Njord cover is just like, "Hey, look at this!" :-P

    I am of course expecting it to be my favorite album of all time.

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    • Mar 12 2009, 14:58
    Oh, dress... I wonder if she actually wears anything else :)

    Nasty-Lorelei, сиське кстати какие-то ненатуральные... нафотошопили :(

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    • Mar 13 2009, 21:07
    Second song from Njord is a cover of Scarborough Fair!

    I love this version of the song, can't wait to get it in good quality! :)

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    • Mar 15 2009, 9:19
    The poster of the Scarborough Fair video says that Njord will feature Irish bagpipes or "uilleann pipes." Here's a sample of what this instrument can sound like. :)

  • I love the album cover. yay for cleavage. We're not all sexually repressed yanks.

  • When will the album be released?

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    • Mag 3 2009, 21:24
    No word on that from Mastersound Entertainment yet, except that it's meant to come out about now or this summer. Hopefully it will. :)

    I'm not sexually repressed. I just think it looks fake, ridiculous and distasteful. :-P

  • Napalm Records site

    "Fans of Leaves' Eyes will be happy to hear that the band's upcoming album "Njord" is nearly complete. To ease the anticipatory wait, Liv Kristine and Co. will release an MCD entitled "My Destiny" comprised of exclusive non-album tracks. Expect this gem of a Gothic Metal release on 24 July 2009!"

    Whieee, I'm so excited! So I suppose we'll get this CD "My Destiny" first and a few months later, they'll release Njord? And they even posted a new picture of Liv.

    - EDIT - I've just found even more exciting news. Napalm Records gave the titles of the songs on the "My Destiny" EP.

    It has finally arrived: LEAVES' EYES delivers brand-new material to their anxiously awaiting fans with their latest EP My Destiny. The sweeping title track begins with an emotive and mystic interlude that soon turns into sonorous ear candy—a true delicacy for all fans of symphonic rock music. The opulently produced orchestral and choir-filled compositions resonate with a fresh, powerful, and energy laden force. As always the case with LEAVES' EYES, expect the ensuing tempest with its impressive musical variety and dynamics to emphasize the band's world-class status, including The Battle of Maldon and Northbound, two smashing tracks to be found on the EP. With the acoustic version of Scarborough Fair, familiar to some fans from past unplugged shows, and the atmospheric Nine Wave Maidens the tone takes a more subdued turn. Liv Kristine once again bewitches the listener with her one-of-a-kind vocals and the package is completed with a remix of the title track. Up-close-and-personal, as well as value-for-your-money" are always at the top of LEAVES' EYES' list, and thus the successful prelude to yet another journey with LEAVES' EYES to a land of myth makes landfall. "My Destiny “, the musical harbinger of the forthcoming album "Njord“ arrives on 24 July 2009!

    Napalm Records - Leaves' Eyes page

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    • Mag 26 2009, 14:53
    That's awesome! :-D Great track titles, I like the cover art too - they showed that place in We Came With the Northern Winds. Can't wait. :) Thanks for posting the news!

  • So excited ! Can't wait to have this album :X

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    • Giu 8 2009, 21:35
    Finally a release date for Njord: August 28!

    From http://www.mastersoundentertainment.de/ -

    On Whitsun weekend, there was a listening session for the press taking place regarding the new LEAVES’ EYES album "Njord" and the EP "My Destiny"! Journalists from METAL HAMMER (GER), ORKUS (GER), ZILLO (GER), SONIC SEDUCER (GER), HEAVY (GER), ROCK TRIBUNE (B), SCREAM (NOR), SOUNDS2MOVE (GER) and the local press were very enthusiastic about the first samples they were listening. You can read the studio reports in the upcoming issues of the magazines, respectively online. The LEAVES’ EYES album "NJORD" will be released August 28th 2009, The EP "My Destiny" will be already out July 24th 2009. Set your markers and don’t miss the dates!

  • A review about 6 songs from 'Njord': http://www.sounds2move.de/start.htm
    They're called: My destiny, Take the devil in me, Scarborough Fair, Through our veins, Froyas theme and Njord.

    They say that Froyas theme is 8 minutes long! :o
    Can't wait to get my hands on this cd :D Hehe

    EDIT: On the Napalm Records site, I've found another track title, Irish Rain.
    And apparently Liv will sing in 8 different languages. I wonder what those will be: English, Norwegian, German, French...?

    Napalm Records - Leaves' Eyes page

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    • Lug 9 2009, 18:13
    Thanks, Margot_Liv! I just got back from a three-week vacation in England, seems much has happened in that time. :D

    My Destiny 30-second previews are available here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002GHA8YS/

    Sounds like the best EP ever. ;)

    Njord track list from here (thanks to GlaciarSpiritus):

    1. Njord
    2. My Destiny
    3. Emerald Island
    4. Take The Devil In Me
    5. Scarborough Fair
    6. Through Our Veins
    7. Irish Rain
    8. Northbound
    9. Ragnarok
    10. Morgenland
    11. The Holy Bond
    12. Froya's Theme

    Bonus tracks:
    13. Landscape of the Dead
    14. Les Champs de Lavande (there's the French, Margot_Liv :-P)

    I am psyched that they're doing a track called Ragnarok. :-P And yes, can't wait for Froya's Theme! FINALLY the epic long song I've been waiting for from Leaves' Eyes, let's hope the musical composition level is up to it. :)

    Also from the artist shoutbox:
    M-arius: Morgenland is norwegian for 'Mourning Land' so I think it will be sung in norwegian, along with Ragnarok
    Moowny: "Morning Land", not mourning, right?
    M-arius: 'Morning Land' yes :) My mistake

    The My Destiny / Njord band promo photo: http://www.last.fm/music/Leaves'+Eyes/+images/30619589

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    • Lug 9 2009, 18:21
    Oh, and you can pre-order Njord from the Napalm store... one option including a model Viking longboat for 58 Euros. O_o http://www.napalmrecords.com/product_info.php?products_id=12056

    Strictly Limited to 500 Copies. Deluxe Box Set cont. a Viking Ship ( 31,5 cm x 28 cm x 22 cm ) with the Leaves' Eyes Logo on the Sail and the Ltd Ed Digipack CD incl. 2 Bonus Tracks. 3rd Full Length Album from the Symphonic Gothic Metal Sensation. First 200 Orders will receive a FREE EXCLUSIVE Leaves' Eyes Poster. Only Avalaible through our Mailorder !! With their latest masterpiece "Njord", Leaves' Eyes embarks on yet another enthralling journey through the myths and sagas of the North. The strong and sonorous compositions familiar to the band's fanbase have been further developed. The adventure begins with the title track's powerful and somber choruses and orchestra. Fans will find the continuation of the Leave's Eyes hit "Elegy" in the rocking single "My Destiny", which is only one of the many catchy and soon-to-be hits delivered by Liv and her colleagues. Devilishly enticing are the refrains found on "Take the Devil in Me", "Northbound", and "Through Our Veins", the last of which reminisces in the driving beats of the eighties' rock rhythms. Leaves' Eyes' passion for both heavy and opulent sounds harmonizes perfectly with memorable melodies, as in the epic track "Ragnarok", while "Emerald Island" surprises with heavy double bass passages that are counterattacked by Liv Kristine's haunting vocals. Alongside the lavish hits, Leaves' Eyes always finds room for the more subdued folk moments, such as in the interpretation of the English traditional song "Scarborough Fair" or the fragile acoustic ballad "Irish Rain". The opus "Froyas Theme" rounds off the Nordic journey, uniting the choral arrangements of the magnificent Lingua Mortis Orchestra with the emotional strength inherent in the new Leaves' Eyes compositions. "Njord" impressively defends the sextet's claim as the leading force in symphonic Gothic Rock and Metal.

    Band management... can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em :-P

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