A new place to connect

  • A new place to connect

    Does anyone else agree this is a good place to hear new music that fits your favorite genre, to hear new artists and stuff?

    I think so. im not sure if anyone likes the same music i do. but this is a really nice site.

    if you are all looking for something new to hear instead of lame ass mainstream shit, i'll tell you.

    Speedcore, Gabber Hardcore, Extratone, goth industrial, Dark Electro.

    and a couple of Dj's or groups id suggest are Nachtmahr, Combichrist, Komprex, Angerfist, Asphyxia, Neophyte, Dj Outblast, alien vampires, and much more, be sure to check out my profile.

    heres i URL to one of many remixes i have done.


    Im a musican, what do you do?
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