Fail legal bureaucracy at & Apple?

  • Fail legal bureaucracy at & Apple?

    — Scrobble everywhere you go.., but oh, wait, the licensing!

    We've been told this for years now. "Get everywhere you go." "Currently available in:" ... has a certain dissonance to it, don't you think?

    tl;dr : enable the bloody scrobbler outside US, UK & Germany already!

    I'd like to be able to scrobble from any run-of-the-mill country, on an iPhone, without the need for a jailbreak, without having to create fake iTunes accounts, without having to pay off some greedy third party app dev to hose my data, without having to commit to any other weirdness or workarounds — By using a simple official app that scrobbles. Nothing else. But I can't. Seemingly some fail bureaucracy has engaged in a never-ending licensing rat race that keeps treading water and has prevented a simple function for years. Great job.

    Is daddy Apple perhaps clogging up the legal possibilities and ruining the fun for us? I don't know, but the licensing bs for not making this happen' anywhere but in the UK, US & Germany are getting quite old as loopholes and excuses. I've been PC-scrobbling for years and never bothered to drag any form of licensing issues into the mix during our mutually beneficial data mining sessions. scrobbled my listening habits, with my given consent. But somehow an Apple iPhone is not just another device? Now there's "suddenly" a need for licensing deals that makes the process of me sharing my listening data ok? Oh boy, that sure is backwards. What other possible licensing issues has the corporate world managed to dig up with users sharing and storing their metadata willingly with's? Just no. It's absurd, and you know it.

    — Isn't it high time to squish this ugly bureaucrat bug?

    A wild guess would be that the never ending licensing issue has absolutely zero relevance to the consented act of scrobbling a users individually stored files — but rather a rotten apple when it comes to streams and other types of fluffy cloud services. Personally, I wouldn't mind if swings every "added value feature" out the window until various deals are signed — As long as an app is able to do the scrobble on my own stored files, I'm perfectly content. Hell, I might even jump on a sub again. Until that day though, no dough.

    Streaming might be a legal abyss, but scrobbling alone shouldn't be rocket science, even for a band of half-arsed music industry lawyers with associated sharks. So, let's stop talking falsely now, the hour's getting late.

    • c99koder ha detto...
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    • Dic 29 2011, 15:59
    Our desktop client is for scrobbling, and that is available everywhere. Our iPhone app is only for streaming radio, it does not currently support scrobbling the built-in iPod app.

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