• App Doesn't Work

    I recently downloaded the app, only to find out, that none of the radio stations will work. Not supported in the area (Puerto Rico). Now I don't know why would they do this since the website fully works here and so does the Xbox 360 app.
    I hope there's a fix for this soon.

  • is it fixed for you?

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    • Dic 31 2010, 18:05


    seriously last.fm!!! what confuses me is that it works on my brother iphone although our country is not supported !?!?

  • no support for belfast, United Kingdom

    I'm really disappointed that my country is not supported. I'm from Belfast , northern Ireland which is United Kingdom. Just wondering why coverage is supported for my Xbox but not for my HTC hd7.

  • Since the time I've first posted, I had not downloaded the app again. Tried it now again and it's working! Thanks

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  • Has anyone got the last.fm app working in Ireland yet? Still showing as region not supported for me.

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  • I'm having the same problem. I'm from Puerto Rico and last.fm radio doesn't work despite working perfectly on my computer. It's telling my region doesn't have any support.

  • The app installs but doesn't scrobble and that's in the UK, one of the countries that it says is supported...]

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    App Doesn't Work?

    I also tried between firefox and safari, which didn't work, plus i tried the .exe repair app but I don't have the right thing on my computer to run that. HELP!!Click here to get more information xtreme muscle pro

    Ada Parker
  • I'm from Brazil and here the radio service is paid ..
    I paid for this service, which works fine on my desktop version, but when I try to listen to my Ominia 800 I have the same problem reported by others.
    I'm not asking for a free service, I'm paying for it and would like to use, otherwise it will come with a case against Last.fm for not having informed me that I would not have this feature on my phone!

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