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    • Apr 14 2012, 14:10 Loved Tracks Playlist

    The Loved Tracks playlist only consists of a small portion of all my loved tracks. I was wondering if I could get the entire playlist of all the tracks or is it just confined to small sample portions?

  • I totally agree, this seems like a glaring omission on the part of Also, the ability to import other people's loved tracks as a playlist. The app is really not fulfilling its potential.

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    • Giu 24 2012, 21:31
    +1, would be a killer feature if it really brought all of them over.

    In the meantime you can do it with, but it takes several steps and some time to create the list. There is a good summary of export approaches at

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    • Ago 19 2012, 14:14
    Bump, because this is really hamstringing my using this feature

  • +1

    Harriet Wheeler (The Sundays), Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins), Stacy Michelson (Le Coupe), Karolina Komstedt (Club 8), Lisa Lobsinger (Reverie Sound Revue), Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe (Kings of Convenience), Tim Yehezkely (The Postmarks), Maria Usbeck (Soda Shop), Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham (The Drums), Alice and Kim (Eagle and Talon), An Yu (Evening Lights), Ramona Gonzales (Nite Jewel) & Rose McDowall & Jill Bryson (Strawberry Switchblade).
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    • Ott 7 2012, 15:07

    how to add tracks to the loved playlist

    I am having a hard time figuring out how to add tracks to the loveed playlist. call me stupid but it seems like I've tried everything

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    • Ott 11 2012, 7:46
    Bump. +1 for having the complete list

  • +1

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    • Nov 22 2012, 20:25
    I asked for this feature almost a year ago when the Spotify app was first launched, see here -

    I got a response from a moderator of (Ziomek2000) who said that the feature will be coming "in the future".

    Almost a YEAR has past later and they still haven't implemented this feature. Are they even working on it? Surely it can't take as long as it has to do it??

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    • Dic 14 2012, 9:47
    Yet another +1

    Remember to say "thank you" for the things you haven't had
  • Loved Tracks, playlists and tag radios on Spotify and Deezer

    It also works with Spotibot, but e.g. on Windows 7 you have to confirm the popup box asking if a running script should keep going or be interrupted every few seconds. At the end it will only import 700 of your loved tracks, so if you have more than that, you need to use a different method by exporting your loved tracks list to the TSV and CSV format and then converting it with the web interface Ivy (Playlistify is broken since last November). See my forum posting in the Conductors group with more details, also available in German in my Rockpalast group. It also describes how to import a Spotify playlist in Deezer which is important for users outside of the and Spotify countries after Jan 15th, 2013.

  • BUMP

    bumping this thread as well

  • +1

    how is this thing anyway?

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    • Gen 17 2013, 22:05


    Complete list would be great!

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  • Go on then...

    This was made yesterday by one of our developers. It lets you create a Spotify playlist from your loved tracks, personal tags, and global tags.

    It won't give you *everything*, just what it can match in Spotify's playlist. So from my 755~ loved tracks, it was able to match 557 tracks. Please be patient, if you have a lot of tracks (over 1000) it will take some time to generate.

    Also it hasn't been fully tested, isn't officially supported, etc; and might not work on all browsers & platforms.

  • Sounds great, especially being able to export global tags now which wasn't possible yet. My first test with Opera 12.13 on Windows 7 only seems to import the first track of the generated Spotify playlist though. When I hover the resulting line "Drag this into a Spotify playlist", I can see that there are more tracks in the lower browser status bar, separated from each other with a space. This might be wrong, because I think Spotify playlists do not use any separator, it's just one long line. At least that's how it looks when I check it on Ivy in Notepad.

    I'll do some more testing with Firefox 18.0.1 now.

    Same problem with Firefox, furthermore the result is not copied to the browser clipboard, neither with Opera nor with Firefox. If I check the browser Edit menu, there is nothing to paste, so I cannot use this method to create a new playlist in Spotify either.

    But I managed to copy the resulting playlist to Notepad by copying the link address of the "Drag this into a Spotify playlist" line in Firefox. So now I can have a look at it and see that there are indeed "%20" separators following each track. Probably the list will work if I eliminate them in Notepad with Search & Exchange.

    By the way, it is very fast compared to all converters I have tested in the last weeks.

    Nope, eliminating %20 did not do the trick, and the only track that gets imported seems to be the last one, not the first one. When I manually insert line breaks in Notepad, the list works fine after copy & paste in Spotify. So it seems to be a matter of finding the correct separator between tracks for Windows users. And I think it also has the same maximum limit of 700 tracks as Spotibot, because my Loved Tracks list is much longer than the result (5,600) which probably is one reason for the converter speed. Maybe this limit is hidden somewhere within the Spotify API, on the other hand Ivy has no problems to convert and find about 4,000 of my Loved Tracks in their database.

  • +1 This website found only one loved track for me :-(

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    • Mar 21 2013, 10:38

    Re: Go on then...

    Maddieman said:
    It won't give you *everything*, just what it can match in Spotify's playlist.
    Also it hasn't been fully tested, isn't officially supported, etc; and might not work on all browsers & platforms.
    I've used it a handful of times.
    It is very simple. (Ithink I tried, was it, 'playlistify' and struggled)
    ? last.spotify seems to only look for 50 tracks ? -Anyway I know for a biggish tag of mine it found about 35 out of the first(i.e. the most recent) 50 on my tag page.
    And for my loved tracks I thought it only looked at the first 50 (?) -I don't think I'm ever going to be a big Spotifier so I've not taken particular note.
    It was useful for tracks which I've tagged as being 'not available on lastfm'
    I'm using chrome browser on XP.

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    • Mar 21 2013, 18:53

    can't get it to work today

    fyi Today it just remains with the wheel circling; after several minutes for a small tag
    or once I got the error message after a long time
    Could not retieve content.
    You may have entered something incorrectly or there may be no content

    when I tried to get this personal tag

    Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.
    Ludwig Wittgenstein
    -but how boring life would be

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  • I got that spinning wheel when I tested with IE9 on Windows 7 and the same error message. Thanks for reporting that it works with Chrome on Windows XP, so there is still hope that some people can use it. Firefox 19.0.2 and Opera 12.14 on Windows 7 only convert one track for me, either the last one on the tag list or maybe #50.

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  • Hi there
    OK so i have tried some of the methods described above to get my loved tracks (245 ish) to a spotify playlist.

    Iam using Chrome on win7 just sits there with a spinning wheel.

    Using IVY it only picks out 30 of my 245 loved tracks.

    Using spotibot only finds 73 of my 245 loved tracks.

    Any development work on this feature would be greatly appreciated.


  • Step 3: Done! Your playlist is served. Total found 174 I searched on Spotify, and found 174 tracks out of 244. To get this playlist into Spotify, simply click the button below, and paste them into any Spotify playlist in the desktop application. Maybe you did not define the title of each column in the CSV file correctly before searching with Ivy: the first column is track title, second is artist, third is not used. The missing 70 tracks are probably not available on Spotify.

  • Nice that there are some workarounds, but surely has all the information already plus superior ways to search the Spotify collection — so why is this not handled better in the app?

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  • Come to think of it, there's another issue with the workarounds involving other sites that match lists: in my experience they tend to pick way too many remixes and they tend to take the tracks from collections and samplers rather than from original albums. Surely itself could do a better job here.

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