plays into Spotify?

  • plays into Spotify?

    I was wondering if there was someway to play music through iTunes, and have it scrobble to (as I've been doing the past 55,000 songs I've listened to lol), but to then have THAT data be transferred into Spotify, so where the app in Spotify says "Now Playing" it would be what my app is currently scrobbling from iTunes.

    Basically the reason being: I use iTunes to play all my music, Spotify has nothing for me to gain, BUT the social Spotify's social-ness exports the data to Facebook and shows everyone what I'm listening to, which is very cool, and then builds the "Music" tab on my Facebook. I wish iTunes or simply could do this, but they don't, so the only option is Spotify.

    So any advice/help?

    • norz ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Gen 29 2012, 10:59

    Misleading title

    No offence, but I found the title of your post misleading: what you're looking for is show play stats from Itunes *on Facebook*.
    As you wrote, this is Itunes or's job, not a job for Spotify or the Spotify app.

    That said, I'm not using Facebook for this (only Spotify and, but I can understand the need for it. I'm surprised there isn't something that does that in ecosystem...

    I actually read your post because I thought it was a request to show play count in Spotify (ie: have an extra column in the playlists), which is something I'm very interested in, but I guess I'll have to be patient. :)

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