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    • Feb 10 2010, 16:41

    New Webservices

    We've got some spiffy new webservices for you today.

    This service gets a list of tracks by a given artist scrobbled by a particular user.

    geo.getMetroHypeArtistChart and geo.getMetroHypeTrackChart
    These webservices return you a hype chart for a metro, where a hype chart represents the music which is currently popular in that area.

    album.getBuyLinks and track.getBuyLinks
    These calls will let you get affiliate buylinks for a track or album. We use our system to try and resolve a deep link to the item, and fall back on a general search link. Useful for easily letting users of your app buy music.

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    • Feb 10 2010, 16:44

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    • Mag 28 2010, 13:28
    Gets the hype chart (up an coming artists) for a particular group.

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    • Mag 28 2010, 14:17
    Gets a list of valid countries and metros for use in the other webservices. Hopefully this will make using these services less confusing for everyone.

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    • Mag 29 2010, 14:48
    nice :)

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    • Giu 17 2010, 16:33

    Much like the other top tags services, this one returns the top tags for a particular album. This makes the API slightly more symmetric.


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    • Lug 9 2010, 12:03

    Lets you look up metadata associated with fingerprints generated by the last.fm fingerprinter. For more info see the blog post at http://blog.last.fm/2010/07/09/fingerprint-api-and-app-updated


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    • Lug 25 2010, 1:04


    Can the top 5 (or some value of N) tags for an artist be included in the getFingerprintMetadata XML? I'd like to update my ID3 genre tags.

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    • Ott 24 2010, 21:17
    api for user groups and top 5 discussions/shouts from each?

    maybe link to the group radio station as well?

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    api for direct recs would be sweeeet too...

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    • Nov 1 2010, 13:29
    A few new services for you, some of which have been out for a couple of weeks:

    Track.unban - unban a track for a user
    Track.unlove - unlove a track for a user
    User.getBannedTracks - retrieve all the user's banned tracks
    Album.getShouts - get all the shouts for the album
    Track.getShouts - get all the shouts for the track
    Tag.getInfo - get information about a specific tag. Allows easy access to reach, listens and the wiki text.

    I mentioned these in a forum post, but for completeness we also have the corrections webservices:

    Artist.getCorrection, Track.getCorrection and the autocorrect parameter on read webservices in the Artist, Album and Track packages -

    Artist: (corrects the artist)

    Album: (only corrects the artist)

    Track: (corrects the artist and the track)

  • album.getImageRedirect and artist.getGroups missed in api description (last.fm/api)

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    • Nov 9 2010, 14:00
    Scrobble 2.0 services

    We've overhauled the scrobbling API and tied it into the 2.0 architecture. It comes with a host of improvements including returning track and artist corrections in the responses (if you want these without scrobbling, webservices now exist to call them directly), better corrections and a host of other improvements.

    The documentation lives here:

    For more information see the release thread:
    Or the related threads in the development forum:

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    • Nov 11 2010, 7:48
    Can I ask will mutli tag search (http://playground.last.fm/multitag/tracks/electronic%2520jazz) be in API ?

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    • Dic 1 2010, 17:55
    A few new services:

    User.getPersonalTags lets you retrieve your personal tagging information via the API.

    The new Charts package, including these services:


    allows you to retrieve the overall charts information which is exposed on the Charts tab on the main site.

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    • Dic 2 2010, 1:53
    dunk said:
    A few new services:

    User.getPersonalTags lets you retrieve your personal tagging information via the API.

    Thank you! been waiting for that one for so long.

    Just one thing though according to http://www.last.fm/api/show?service=455 the taggingtype parameter is optional but leaving it out produces a "taggingtype parameter must be one of "artist", "album" or "track" " error. Are the docs wrong or is that not supposed to happen? Its just I'd like to be able to get a full listing for a tag without making 3 separate calls if possible.

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    • Dic 3 2010, 10:00


    Depending on the input parameter "taggingtype" the method return different structures.

    IMO is would be better to have three methods - each with a unique return structure:

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    • Dic 22 2010, 13:45
    @maz35 Indeed that's wrong in the docs - I'll update them. It was cleaner to implement as three separate calls. If there's overwhelming demand then we could look at having one call for all three, but I doubt that people are going to need this service ll that much - it's mostly to let people retrieve their tagging info now that personal tag radio has been turned off.

    @toc-rox Yeah, that looks cleaner, though originally I was planning to put them all in the same template. It's a bit ugly on the inside (like how do you manage pagination with three lists at once) so they ended up as they are.

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    • Gen 3 2011, 21:49
    Hello guys. I want to get weekly top chart with geo API call is it possible.

    P.S. geo.getMetroWeeklyChartlist is not working for me :(

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    • Gen 17 2011, 7:19

    localization fallback

    hey everyone,
    the localization feature of e.g. artist.getInfo is great, but it would be immensely helpful if english (or even: a language of choice) was used as fallback if there is no biography in the requested language.
    having to evaluate the biography-results and then having to reload the api-page can be slowing things down quite a bit on the client-side...

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    • Feb 1 2011, 16:45

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