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    WhY sO ShY LsC'Ers

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  • So anybody seen The Hunger Games! what did you think! Personally i was hoping for more violence!

  • LOL, no,

    but thank you for mentioning it doesn't have so much violence, it might not be interesting for me *lol* well, I only watch Horror Movies or Art Movies! Last one I watched was a Horror/Drama by French Director Xavier Gems, "The Divide" and I give it 8 of 10 points. I recommend it. Though I liked his 1st movie, "Frontier(s)" even better (I'd give that 9 of 10 points and saw it 3 times) Well, to be honest, no, it wasn't the last movie I saw, I saw "Darkest Hour" after that, some SciFi/Horror but I fell asleep for 30 mins inbetween and found it extremely boring and if you come across it don't spend money to see "Darkest Hour", you'll regret it. But "The Divide", if you are into unusual horror movies, you might like it.

    I want to see "Melancholia" by Lars Von Trier next. I think since I work at "Videotaxi" anyway I am gonna wait until "The Hunger Games" is out on DVD so I can watch it for free. Sadly (!), and I must really say it does make me sad, currently there isn't any movie I'd go to watch in the Cinema. :( and all this 3D shit is starting to get on my nerves!

    Well, I thought it would be interesting if everyone here said what their favourite movie is, I mean of all the movies you saw in your life! I have quite many favourites, but if you can name only one, I'd always say "White Lightnin' " is my fave. It's an unknown independent movie but Carrie Fisher who was Princess Leia in "Star Wars" plays a white trash alcoholic trailer park girl in it, and they forgot giving her the Oscar, it was the best damn acting I've seen all my life, and it's been my fave movie since it came out.

    So, if anyone wants to say what their favourite movie is (you can only name one! Tough but I wanna know which one really got to you!) I'd be really interested to know!

  • "Melancholia" really rocked my world. I was in a bad, depressive mood when I watched it and after it I was very happy. Hm hm, it's not a happy movie, though, it's a depressive, dark movie, still it made me happy :) Yeah I know I'm nuts. But everyone you gotta watch this if you like Art movies and/or Drama. Well there was one funny thing in the movie, again, like in every movie with Udo Kier, Udo Kier's accent. I'd not even say that's a German accent anymore, that's a Cologne accent LOL yeah he's from my area (originated from there, sure he lives in Hollywood by now or something) and I can hear that. It cracks me up every time. With an accent like this, he could be in the saddest scene ever and it would still be like Comedy to me. But that was all that was funny and ertainly not planned (the guy gotta work on his accent though seriously!!!), that movie is the most depressive movie I've ever seen but it still rules :) I recommend it!

  • Occult Rock from the 60s/70s! My buddies can not help me!!! Can you??? (Free beer or chocolate!!!)

    Ok this is the last time I post here pefore someone else posts. :) Promised. I started this same thread in the Eisregen-Forum, cos ppl there are very open-minded when it comes to music, I started this same thread in a record collector's forum cos all kinds of ppl are there. I asked everyone I know in this world and no one could help me so far. Can you? !!!If so, I will put a few German beers or chocolate if you do not drink alcohol into an envelope and send it to you as thanks!!!!!

    Ok, the question is, what other occult rock bands/artists were there in the late 60s or 70s apart from Black Sabbath and Roky Erickson. There can't have been just these 2. I am sure there were other unknown occult rock bands or artists. I do NOT believe in the occult personally by the way, the only reason I am asking is because somehow bands with occult themes in their lyrics play a great mix of Hard Rock and psychedelic music, like nowadays, The Devil's Blood, Blood Ceremony, Jex Thoth etc. (you mustn't name modern occult rock bands though, I know all of them, believe me). However, it does not matter how they sound, I just want to get to know all bands that had occult themes in their lyrics but only those of the 60s/70s, and NO well-known bands...everytime I ask if there is anything similar to Black Sabbath, people say "Try Rainbow, Deep Purple or Elf" Come on, I know these, of course, please no such bands.

    Ok this is a kind of CONTEST where EVERYONE WINS who names an unknown 60s/70s occult band that I did not know yet! If you want beer or chocolate, I keep my word, seriously. :) It would help if you could post a song exampe on youtube or else that I can listen to when you suggest a band + give me a link where I can buy this on either Vinyl or CD. I'm exited, so, any music professors here that can help?

  • Some of My fav films are!

    top 10

    01 Whatever Happend to Baby Jane
    02 Amelie
    03 Mulholland Drive
    04 schindlers list
    05 Howls Moving castle
    06 The Birds
    07 requim for a dream
    08 Leon
    09 The Fountain
    10 serenity

    others include!
    Princess Mononoko, Pans Labyrinth, Dawn of the Dead ,The Royal tenebaums, Grave of the Fireflys, Empire records, Gosford Park, Big Fish

  • Hello, I thought it was about time I took part in some discussions instead of sitting on the sidelines.

    Ok, so top movie of all time I think has to be Elizabeth. The entire cast gave fantastic performances and David Hirschfelder's soundtrack was stunning.

    I don't really know any occult bands so I can't help on that score, soz.

    I'm in the middle of 15 things, all of them annoying
  • Fellow hipsters unite!

    and watch Portlandia!

  • Is anyone going to watch the ESC in 2 weeks?

    I'm in the middle of 15 things, all of them annoying
  • Yes i love it obv! too much fun! gotta love the cheese!

  • Exciting News Coming D E N A herself

    berlin based Denitza Todorova aka D E N A the Runner up of the LSC02 with G.A.M.E.S has kindly replied to my tweet! Song Contest ‏ @LastfmSC
    @dena_ftb is there an album in the works to look forward to? #lookingforward!

    D E N A ‏ @dena_ftb
    @LastfmSC hey, thank you! yeah! new singles + vids + eventually an album coming atcha! x

  • @thy...oh...great great great...I was ill so sorry for my late reply but I owe u a beer or chocolate or whatever for that. You also win my personal "Professor Music" award cos nobody could answer this question in about 10 years...I am very exited to listen to these bands!!! Gonna try to find sth. on youtube then I'll give a reply how I like em.

    @everyone...yeah I'm back sorry I was really struck with illness but nevermind now how do I re-join now cos I could not comment & vote LSC 06 now how am I gonna get back into 07???

  • welcome back Veggie! :) Good to hear that your illness is over :)

    Well we could meet up in Valhalla in Cologne for a beer ;)

    And I think you just have to insert a Song to the new LSC07 to take part again ;)

  • Yay!!!! Let's all go drinking together in Cologne! Wrote you a PM, tYh...

    anyway yes, I did insert a nice little tune already! I thought I was banned cos I did not compete in LSC 06...but luckily I was not. :)

    @Biscuit...ESC I'm probably gonna watch that but if it's still boring after 5 songs I fall asleep like the last times. I did not like one band there so far. Not even Lordi though I am into metal, did not like that we'll see, don't like the guy competing for Germany already. Like always. Dunno what it is but well, if Lordi was allowed there could be some more Rock for my taste but then when it comes to Rock there it's usually so boring to me. Well, gonna see if anything matches my taste this year, I doubt it though...

  • @veggie - You might be interested in the Slovakian entry this year. I will give it a watch because I do every year. I actually quite enjoy it and the voting gives you a good idea of which countries currently like you!

    I'm in the middle of 15 things, all of them annoying
  • ................


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  • Bump!

  • okay well seeing as nobody else is into their general conversation, im just post crap here all the time.

    Today was a great day for me as i got an interview for a job promotion in Brighton.
    I wonder is at all as trendy and hip as this?

  • Congrats on your interview, i've got one tomorrow, eek!

    LCD Soundsystem always remind me of Sneaky Soundsystem and IDEW2LU, which is a bizarre song and I have no idea how it got onto my iTunes.

    Dancing all alone, To the sound of an enemy's song, I'll be lost until you find me.
  • Thanks Daniel, the job wasn't advertised anymore, took a chance rang the manager and it paid off.

    and wow

    Ive never heard a male vocalist on a Sneaky Sound System track

  • I have so many odd tracks like that, I think my friends add them and shuffle just throws them up!

    Dancing all alone, To the sound of an enemy's song, I'll be lost until you find me.
  • Speaking of Ipods!

    Ill make a playlist for a party say! Put a bit of everything for everyone in it, they will praise it, and while doing so proceed to change it ,. It happens everytime! lol

  • Haha! I never put mine on shuffle at a party, I just know it'll find every cringe song that exists in my collection!

    Dancing all alone, To the sound of an enemy's song, I'll be lost until you find me.
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