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    • Babs_05 ha detto...
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    • Lug 5 2008, 14:29

    Home Page

    Shall we thrash out some ideas about how to better organise the Home Page?

    I'll start with my expectations / assumptions / what I'd like.

    Everyone's invited to add their ideas. Then the dev teams can discuss (or not!) over their Pret a Manger sandwiches.

    Home-y stuff - what's it for? Overview of my activity? Overview of other people's activities? What's the definition? It's supposed to be the landing page after login. Ok. What do we see in Facebook?

    My Facebook home page shows the (hated) newsfeed which I can't help but browse because there's nothing else to look at. To the side are Event Invitations, Updates (what are they? No idea but David Tennant's featured heavily today cos it's the last Dr Who tonight). Status Updates. Below that, mutual friends I haven't added yet. To the left, the search bar, then below that, mini menu, below that advertising, below that dead space. Above, it says: Profile / edit / Friends / Inbox (13) ..... then over to the right at the top it says: home / account / privacy / logout

    That's it. But I don't use the site so much.

    If the principle is being translated to Last.fm let's see...

    When I login, I want to see:

    * new messages
    * new shouts
    * new recos from friends
    * any Last.fm news/announcements (now's your chance to talk to me! :P)
    * friends requests
    * Reply Tracker

    All of the above are absolutely essential. Below are the nice-to-haves:

    * who's around and what they're listening to
    * new recos from Last.fm - songs / videos
    * Events - reco'd for me and ones my friends are going to. Both are good.
    * new journals from my friends
    * Weekly neighbours - maybe. Not fussed either way
    * everything in New To My Profile currently in our Dashboards

    We should bring back some of the tabs: Music / Videos / Events / Users / Reading

    Beta -

    The Play My Library can be removed. It's fuzzing up the boundaries between Home and Profile.

    Same with Recently Listened. That can go. Put your news and announcements there. You know I'm the comms person you're not employing, LOL! ;D

    I think that's my little brainstorm for now. Needs more thought, thrashing out, shaping up etc. I'll leave that in the capable hands of the argumentative and the inspired. :D

    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Lug 5 2008, 14:45
    I don't mind my recently listened tracks and library additions being on the home page, I just think they should take a little less priority over everything else. At the moment they're right at the top and I'd prefer it if they were lower down. Maybe they could even be moved the right column instead, kind of like the current dashboard has 'Last scrobbled'? The only thing I'm not really fond of is the 'Radio' section.

    • DoctorT ha detto...
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    • Lug 5 2008, 15:12
    The current Home page is a big improvement over the original iteration. It is still not to the point I would use it much, but I find myself going there more than I did for the first version.

    What I would like to see are a News Flash for updates from Last.fm, and the most recent shout. Clicking on the News Flash should take you to the Last.fm blog entry if there is one and click on the most recent shout should take you to your shoutbox.

    I like that they have added back a history of what friends have listened to - it is much more useable than seeing just what a friend happened to be listening to right now.

    I like the addition of the inbox. Now we need a reply tracker, which is been promised, although not necessarily in the same format as on the live site.

    The recent additions used to be on the right. I do not mind this section being moved to the center to allow for the friend's listening history.

    The recommended music section was also moved from the right to the center. As before, it just shows the top recommendations from the list. I don't mind it being here, nor do I mind the links to free downloads, videos, and events at the bottom of the page.

    As recommendations from friends now show up in the Notifications section of the inbox, maybe this should be incorporated into the inbox notification section of the Home page, announcing that you have 3 new recommendations or some such.

    Weekly neighbors would be a welcome return. I found a lot of music by checking out what they were listening to.

    Music, like language, is universal.
    • percy74 ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Lug 5 2008, 16:03
    Some good suggestions here, Babs. Another user had mentioned this in another thread, but I think it needs to be reiterated here: if Last.fm is trying to move people away from starting at the profile page and over to the home page, then we must be able to get to all the pages we want from the home page. One glaring omission right now is the charts. That's where so many of us want to go first. If we can't get there from the homepage, we won't use the home page, it's that simple.

    If the home page is where we're supposed to start on Last.fm, then the radio player at the top makes perfect sense. One click and you can start listening to music instantly - your library, artist stations, tag stations, or other user stations. I would like to suggest an option for group radios here as well. An obvious problem with the radio is that when you click on it, it takes you away from the home page. Of course, opening a new tab or window takes care of this problem, but it's one more step that needs to be taken if you want to continue to surf the site. By the way, Last.fm, the player on the home page looks much better and is far more useful (at least, I find it is) than the player on the profile page and everywhere else on the site.

    I would agree with Babs that the recently played isn't necessary on the home page - it does seem to blur the line between home page and profile page. But it is small, so not a big issue for me.

    Everything under the "essentials" on Babs' list are exactly that - essential. They just make sense on a home page. The "nice to haves" I think are more than that. They include a lot of features that people have been asking for - especially the weekly neighbors (not just a link, but visible images and what they're listening to). Although, there are lots of things suggested for the home page, and I'm not sure if all of them can be included without making the page look crowded.

    The bottom line is, if we're supposed to start at the home page instead of the profile page, it needs to be more useful to us than the profile page is. My understanding is that the profile page is supposed to be for visitors, and the home page for us. Therefore, the home page has to have the things we want on there if we're going to use it.

    • Babs_05 ha detto...
    • Moderatore
    • Lug 5 2008, 16:09
    percy74 said...
    By the way, Last.fm, the player on the home page looks much better and is far more useful (at least, I find it is) than the player on the profile page and everywhere else on the site.

    I said that via the Feedback link a while ago. I agree. It's a nicer player.

    • DFA1979 ha detto...
    • Abbonato
    • Lug 5 2008, 21:13
    I largely agree with Babs' original post here in terms of what's essential and what's just nice-to-have.

    A way of checking whether I have new PMs or shouts is definitely needed if the home page is going to be my starting point on the site. In the case of shoutbox posts, just a simple display on the home page of your most recently received shout (as the dashboard on the live site has) should do the trick just fine, although more than one (whether displayed automatically or through an 'expand' link), or a link to view the shoutbox in full, would be even better.

    You already get a notification on your home page if you have new PMs, but this is something which I think should be visible wherever you are on the site - as in the current site, just a link in the menu bar saying something like "Inbox (2)" would be ideal.

    I don't personally use the reply tracker very much, but for those who do it seems like something which (once you've finished crafting the new version of it/whatever's replacing it) should definitely be linked on the home page, perhaps with the most recent 1/2/5 replies displayed with it (though that may be overkill and a 'hide' function would be good if replies were displayed on the home page).

    Again as Babs said, any news about Last.fm should go on the home page somewhere clearly visible, as on the dashboard currently.

    Friends requests should definitely be shown also.

    Recommendations (whether from friends or last.fm), I'm not sure are essential, though that's probably just me speaking as somebody who doesn't really use them very much (I don't tend to pay that much attention to the recommendations, although the ones I'm getting on the beta site are much better than those on the live site so I may start to do so). It'd certainly be nice to have a few shown, though.

    I'm not convinced that 'recently added to your library' needs to take up so much space. It's nice to have, but in the home page as it is at the moment most of my screen is taken up by this telling me that I've recently listened to a Daft Punk song I hadn't heard before and that I've tagged Bat for Lashes, Yeasayer and MGMT. I already know this, I don't need it to be thrust at me so much. I'm not against it's inclusion on the home page, but it certainly doesn't need to take up so much space. Removing the images (or shrinking them) and giving me a text list would be better - along with, perhaps, some explanation of when and why they were added to my library. Rather than just the heading "Recently added to your library", then the pictures and names, I'd like to see something more along the lines of:

    Recently added to your library:
    Daft Punk - Superheroes / Human After All / Rock'n Roll. Played on 4th July at 8:07pm
    Yeasayer - tagged 'seen live' on <date and time>


    Going back to what I said earlier about recommendations not being essential, I think my ideal would be for a small selection (just 3/4/5) items from my recommended artists and recommened events to be shown on the home page, with clear and direct links to the relevant subpages for specific artist/event/video recs.

    What my friends are/have been listening to is essential, imo, and the return of the 'friend events' tracker thing on the current dashboard would be much appreciated also. Weekly neighbours I'm not so bothered about.

    [um, sorry this post is so disorganised, I've had a long day...]

    • Babs_05 ha detto...
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    • Lug 5 2008, 21:25

    Reply Tracker - Feature Request

    Would it be possible to have a trash can next to items in the new and improved Reply Tracker?

    I've been here an awfully long time... lol... there are some old threads I used to take part in that are no longer relevant to me, from games to 'introduce yourself'.

  • Yes, the one thing the reply tracker really needs improvement on is the ability to just entirely remove threads you no longer want/need to see, like those annoying forum games and threads from groups you're no longer even a part of.

    Other than that all I can say is I agree with your "essentials" list, but I could easily cope with recommended reading, weekly neighbours and events my friends are going to on some separate pages.

    Oh, and I'd also love to be able to see my most recent visitor and most recent shout on the Home page too, or I feel like I'm stepping onto my profile page blind.

    So, I pretty much agree with all the main points you made... Not much use am I?

    • Babs_05 ha detto...
    • Moderatore
    • Lug 9 2008, 22:51
    evilpandawrath said:

    So, I pretty much agree with all the main points you made... Not much use am I?

    Looks like a +1 to me, mate. I call that support and very useful. :)

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