Feature Requests/suggestions:

  • Would love to see scrobbling for Amazon cloud player on Android.

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    • Lug 19 2011, 13:14

    Full feature mobile applications for all countries

    Why full application with radio is not available for users all over the world? I'm from Armenia, and I'm not able to listen radio using mobile phone (both Android and iPhone/iPod).

    • tburny ha detto...
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    • Lug 19 2011, 15:21
    Check this FAQ, and let us know if it helps: Why can't I listen to radio on my app?

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  • Love songs played from the android music player.

    is there a way to love songs played from the built in android music player? or any music player app? i like how you can do that with streaming songs, but is it possible to do that with songs played from the phone? like instead of having the notification go to the artists bio how bout it let you love the song currently played? just a suggestion. it's the only thing irritating me atm.

  • Excellent App

    Hi, I'm new in this app so I'm learning to use it!!! But it's great.....

  • Multiple Artist or Tag selection when playing from Android app

    if I play a mulitple tag/artist station from the web page, it will show up in my recent stations in the android app and I can play them
    however I don't know, if I can select new multiple tag/artist stations from there, too (at least I haven't found out how)

    if this is not possible at all, I would like to add this to the feature requests

  • Streaming on Android outside US, UK, and Germany

    I would like to get to stream last.fm radio in my android in Colombia. That's all.

  • Samsung Galaxy Ace \ ^3 (Cubed) Media Player

    Hi I have a problem with the Last.fm app. Kinda weird. The 'Now Playing' option in the menu in the Last.fm app is greyed out (disabled, sorta) but the songs i play are getting successfully scrobbled on the Last.fm site. No idea what's going on.

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    • Ago 22 2011, 21:31
    forum/wall posts support

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    • Ago 22 2011, 21:55
    First of all, it's great!
    Maybe time behind the song you listened last.. (4hours ago..)

  • I would love it if the android app was as robust as the web app as far as creating new stations and editing preferences. Would also like to see a "quit" or similar button to fully close out the app.
    Would also like the ability to scroll backwards in the playlist to love or ban tracks I didn't have time to love/ban while playing due to driving or other circumstances.

  • -Quit button
    -Love tracks being scrobbled from music players.
    -Album art in the widget.
    -Support for Sony Ericsson Xperia (Arc, Play, Ray, Neo, Pro, etc) embedded player.

  • Random mood algo rhythm

    I would like a feature that asks you some psychometric questions to establish your mood, and asks you how you want to feel by the end of the play-list then, plays tracks and attempts to change your mood to what you requested in as few a tracks as possible.

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  • My heart

    Beat of the heart is the rhythm of music. Falling water drop is the tune of music. Sound of living things are the nature of music.. All together Nature is the core of music..

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    • Nov 29 2011, 1:42

    Re:Play my local music

    s4shawn said:
    Maybe this is silly, but I'd love if Last.fm could play my local music? I realize this could get pretty complicated, but I'd love to pick an album, artist, song or playlist from my local music collection, then have Last.fm mix in some streaming music of related artists.

    Is it possible in the near future for the Last.fm app to play local files?
    This would be great way to allow users to keep up with loved tracks and scrobbles as some music players don't scrobble well, or require 3rd party software. I don't think there would be too many licensing issues for music that I own on my device, mostly coding and programming to access and play local files.

    And if so, to stream radio and local files "seamlessly" for subscribers?
    e.g. "Your Mix radio"-songs in my local files would load from my phone that would otherwise be streamed. That would prevent excessive data and battery usage. As well as prevent skipping in areas with poor data coverage, allowing local music to play until a connection is established.

  • I'd like to see all of my charts (weekly, monthly, etc.) in the app.

  • Suggestions

    Something like this has been noted before, but I would love to see some of that radio playback functionality with local tracks. I mean - when something is scrobbled, we get a notification on our devices. When we tap on it, we are taken to bio screen.
    And here I would like to see an option to love currently played track and that kinky "on tour"/gig link. It would be awesome.
    And no - it is not possible to use widget to easily love some track. Widget works only with default HTC Hero player (or at least it does not work with Winamp/Winamp PRO) which I (and many other users) don't use.
    It is tedios to wait for track to end and scrobble, navigate to recently played and do my loving from there. Not intuitive at all. But love/tour options on the screen, navigated from notification bar - it would be a intuitive and smooth experience. Or even love/unlove buttons right in the notification bar?

    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Dic 24 2011, 18:45
    I would really like a Last.fm applet to appear on the lock screen when radio is playing. The default Android Music player behaves this way so you can skip tricks without having to unlock the handset. Then it should be possible to skip/love/ban Last.fm radio tracks without having to go past the unlock screen.

    Do it properly though. Songbird's lock screen applet is a terrible bodge job for example, in that it ruins the default lock screen and makes for an inconsistent UI experience.

    • Hao ha detto...
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    • Feb 13 2012, 1:46
    Something as simple as being able to hide or not the notification icon.

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    • Mar 8 2012, 20:44

    Better interface for ICS

    I would really like to see a better interface for Ice Cream Sandwich. The current interface is pretty long in the tooth and frankly just looks like crap on my Transformer Prime. I can't even remember the last time the Last.FM app got a facelift.

    • chaos212 ha detto...
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    • Mar 26 2012, 7:30
    I love the app/service/everything that comes with being a subscriber but I cannot stand having my radio music censored. This is my only complaint, fix it and life would be perfect for me.

    Also a suggestion: Forum support for Android? or maybe just threads from groups you belong to, added to Tapatalk perhaps?

    EDIT: I guess I already suggested forum support on this page.

  • 4.0

    Hi, are there any plans for a redesign for the app regarding the android design guidelines?
    I would love to see a new UI, furthermore a love button on the notification for the track currently being scrobbled would be nice.

  • Password re-entry

    Is there a way for the app to remember my username and password? At present I have to re-enter my password everytime I use the app and it drives me crazy in bright sunlight or while driving.

    Second, drop the suggestion/nag that I import friends from Facebook.
    Thank you

  • What about the Nook Tablet?

    How about making the last.fm app available on the Nook Tablet? Don't make me switch to Pandora!


    • timaero ha detto...
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    • Giu 21 2012, 17:14
    Possibility to look scrobbles cache

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