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Leader: Kiseki-san
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Data creazione: 24 Lug 2010
A play-day to one of the queens of J-pop and one of the most loved japanese artists Koda Kumi which will be held on the 6th of every month. Let's show the love for this unique and talented singer!

Koda Kumi is a Japanese singer, song writer, & voice actress. She has sold over 12 Million records in Japan alone. Koda is known for her R&B songs, but has also delved into other genres, such as Rock, Electropop, Dance, Hip Hop, House, and more.
Koda Kumi's discography consists of 10 Studios albums, 16 concert videos 5 Remix albums, 5 Compilation albums, 1 live album, and 1 cover album.

Other notes:
~8 #1 albums
~8 #1 singles
~Estimated 3.5 Octave vocal range
~ Also known as 'Kuu' & 'Queen Of Live'
~ A Japan record award for her song 'Butterfly'

Play days will be on the 6th of every month.

For more information: Koda Kumi Jpopstop Page

Get her new album 'Japonesque' here.

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