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For anyone who appreciates the awesomeness of former Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil. Or if you just like his hair and/or beard.

This group is dedicated to probably one of the more unappreciated guitarists in rock.

Kim Thayil speaks...

on Soundgarden's stance:
"We're sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll without the sex and drugs."

on "One Minute of Silence":
"We thought it was so good, we could add a little something to it. It's the heavy metal version."

on guitar solos:
"Most are annoying, self-indulgent," he said. "To me, a great guitar solo is Neil Young's on 'Cinammon Girl,' where he plays basically one note."

on his reason for doing what he does:
"I play guitar because I like to make loud noises. And the guitar is the coolest way to make a loud noise."

on the band's name:
"It's a name that conjures up powerful visual images, although at one point we thought it might be too soft! But there was something about the name that we liked. One of our hopes is that people come to see us thinking they're gonna get something pretty, and then get their heads blown off and walk away feeling like they got more than they expected!"

on categorization and selling out:
"Obviously we're not gonna come out with all the metal cliches that have been put on the radio for the past eight years. It we're going to patronize the audience that likes that stuff, we might as well be another Bon Jovi or Cinderella. If we are attracting different audiences, that's fine, because we did it by being what we are. If we were naturally a country band, I hope the country people would come out and listen to us."

on the benefits of stardom:
"I do get free pizza sometimes. We did this not for the usual rewards -- girls on our shoulders. We just like writing songs and playing. That's sincerely the goshawful truth."

on being politically correct:
"I'm probably in most cases actively anti-political correctness because the ideals are not thought out very well."

on concert performances:
"Sometimes I can hear the audience more than I can hear Chris who's standing right next to me. We also get to see how each different city chants Soundgarden -- the fateful three-syllable band. In Florida, they just go, 'Garden, Garden.' In Germany, they stress each syllable with equal ferocity. In Britain, they just go 'Mud-hon-ey.'"

(all credit goes to for the above collection of quotes)

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