Welcome to John Dwyer

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    • Set 13 2008, 17:55

    Welcome to John Dwyer

    Got into Coachwhips towards the end of 2004, and I've been happy to spread the love of John Dwyer's music to anyone who would listen. John Dwyer is a group dedicated to his fancy musicks.

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    • Set 14 2008, 15:25
    I got into Coachwhips and Pink & Brown in 2004 and have started listening to more of his groups recently. I'm currently absolutely mad for Yikes and Dig That Body Up, It's Alive! I like Thee Ohsees, but some of their stuff is just too slow and reminds me much of The Mama's & The Papa's.

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    • Set 14 2008, 15:35
    I think it was early 2001 that I first saw Pink & Brown play with Lightning Bolt at the Ottobar in Baltimore, MD. Since then I've pretty much tried to get everyone I know (including my wife) addicted to the musical stylings of John Dwyer.

  • i really loved coachwhips. the new oh sees stuff is awesome too. dwyer's such a nut

    "Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio"

  • Cool Group!

    I First got into pink & brown back in 06 (when I was only 15/16!), in a similiar time i was also listening to a lot of lightning bolt/mindflayer/black pus....then learned about coachwhips (which are amazing!) and am currently diggin' OCS, thee oh sees, etc. This is an awesome group dedicated to the man behind these bands!

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