What song(s) do you want to hear live?

    • james311 ha detto...
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    • Dic 30 2006, 13:46

    What song(s) do you want to hear live?

    I would kill to hear 'Your House' just once

  • I am agree there, and I have wondered in long time why they never play Your House live. It is a beautiful acoustic song...

    • james311 ha detto...
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    • Mar 3 2007, 3:48
    i heard cause its too personal or something to that effect.

  • Closer being high

  • :D

    definitely the Middle and Polaris!

  • Apparently they played "My House" at both of their recent New Jersey shows.

    I'm seeing them live for the first time in Feb/March when they tour the UK, and if I could just pick five tracks they play specially for me...

    Just Watch The Fireworks
    For Me This Is Heaven
    A Praise Chorus

    Yay. =)

    • james311 ha detto...
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    • Nov 14 2007, 15:16
    ^ good chance you'll see a few of those. Best of luck. The new version of your house they played on the last tour is simply awesome. I hope they record it and release as a B-side or on a EP or something real soon...

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    • Nov 20 2007, 20:55
    i want to hear live ...

    hear you me

    love them^^

  • 23.

  • I saw them on Jim's birthday in Philly and they played Your House and I almost fainted. I never thought I'd see them play it. I do wish they would play Cautioners, though, since that's my favorite. I don't know if they ever play it anywhere else, but certainly not when I'm around. Also Your New Aesthetic or What Would I Say to You Now would be sweet :)

    xo mary
  • I think I would drop dead if they started playing Closer. Even if I could pull myself toghether, I guess I would faint sometime during the bridge.

  • Re: What song(s) do you want to hear live?

    james311 said:
    I would kill to hear 'Your House' just once

    I've heard it.
    It was a different version from the album version, but it was great!

  • 24.02.08 Newcastle Carling Academy

    Set list [not in order]:
    Big Casino
    Here it goes
    Always Be
    Bleed American
    For me this is heaven
    The Middle
    Chase this light
    Your House

  • I think the most epic song I heard them do live was "A Praise Chorus".

  • Opener
    The world you love
    If you don't don't
    The most beautiful things <3

  • The Most Beautiful Things. It's been a while.

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