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Data creazione: 10 Giu 2008
In this group we are looking for
high quality bonus tracks.
They are quite hard to find,
but therefore even more
"valuable and exclusive".
Please help us
and recommend such...

It's on the CD but it only has a number, it makes you feel like you had a better deal. It may not be as good as the others but that's ok because it's just a... bonus track

... but sometimes bonus tracks are even better than the rest of an album ...

Perfect Examples:

Autechre's (keyosc) on "Exai" YT
Teebs' Top Hats on "Collections_01" YT
Deastro's Seven Fell From The Firmament on "Mind Altar" YT
Lone's Wildfire Propeller on "Galaxy Garden" YT
M83's Bruits de Train on "Digital Shades" YT
Nosaj Thing's Harrison Ford on "Drift" YT
Bibio's Vertical Helican Stan on "Mind Bokeh" YT
UNKLE's Dolphinarium on "End Titles.... Stories for Film" YT
Boards of Canada's Macquarie Ridge on "Campfire Headphase") YT
Röyksopp's Across the Graveyard on "Junior" YT
Biosphere's Endurium on "Substrata 2" YT
Shobaleader One's – On Fire Again on "d'Demonstrator" YT
Dabrye 's Gimme Lowlands on "instrmntl" YT
Funkstörung's Sevn

こんにちは。 ようこそ! この素晴らしいクラブのメンバーになってください!
Hello。 Welcome! Please become a member of this wonderful club!

Bonus materialists unite。

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